How does Henan implement the strategic positioning given by the central government in 7 new free trade zones?

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  How does Henan implement the strategic positioning given by the central government in 7 new free trade zones?


  Henan Province is neither a coastal province,nor the province along the river or border.Compared with the eastern developed areas,Henan didn't have advantage in policy system in the past;the approval of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the establishment of China(Henan)Free Trade Zone historically pushes Henan to the forefront of reform and opening up,which clears the obstacle for Henan to integrate into the world economy and to achieve wider opening.

  At present,China has set up 11 free trade zones.The central government asked that the 7 new free trade zones should continue to stick to the core of system innovation and to further refer to the high-standard international economic and trade rules,so as to form the pilot pattern with its own characteristics and points in a broader field and scope and to promote comprehensive reform and opening-up.Henan Free Trade Zone is mainly to implement the requirements of the modern three-dimensional traffic system and modern logistics system to link the north and the south and connect the west and the east by focusing on building the modern integrated transport hub for the construction of"The Belt and Road".In preparation of overall plan of Henan Free Trade Zone,we will implement the national strategy throughout.In the main task and measures of the overall plan,the article of"Strengthening the logistics transportation function for The Belt and Road Initiative"should be listed as a special part composed of six sections as opening international transport logistics channels,improving the network of domestic aviation collection and carrying out first try of multimodal transport,expanding aviation service opening to the outside world,promoting the economic innovation and development of inland port and making innovation on international medical tourism industry integration.It included all aspects of the function of logistics transportation and covers the needs of the national overall strategic development and comprehensively highlights the basis and advantages in Henan,which is the most prominent feature of Henan Free Trade Zone;in the future construction,we will fully implement the pilot reform measures included in the overall plan and continue to strengthen the exploration and development in the modern integrated transport hub for The Belt and Road Initiative,so as to implement the national strategic positioning,to complete the historical mission given by our country and to hand in a qualified solution to the party and the people.