What is the interrelation between Henan Free Trade Zone and other national strategies given by the country?

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  China(Henan)Free Trade Zone is another national strategy of Henan after the core area of grain production,the central plains economic zone,Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone,China(Zhengzhou)Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone and Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area.What is the interrelation between Henan Free Trade Zone and other national strategies given by the country?


  As an important hinterland province of central China with the development of society and economy in recent years,the strategic position of Henan in the national regional coordinated development has been consolidated and strengthened.The national strategies such as the core area of grain production,the central plains economic zone and Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone are further advanced;the projects such as the Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area,China(Henan)Free Trade Zone and China(Zhengzhou)Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone,the National Big Data Comprehensive Experimental Zone and Lankao Inclusive Finance Reform Experimental Zone are successfully approved;the Development Plan on Urban Cluster of Central Plains is about to be issued.The central government has clearly supported Zhengzhou built into a national center city.The approval and implementation of such strategic planning and strategic platforms wins the historical opportunity to speed up the development of Henan and to better serve the national planning.The strategic position of Henan Province is highlighted and the strategic pattern is additionally improved.The strategic advantage will be released in full and the potential for the rise will be further intensified.

  The CPC Central Committee and the State Council set the China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone in Henan,which historically pushes Henan to the forefront of reform and opening up.It is an important move of the CPC Central Committee to promote the reform and opening-up after the economic development enters into the new normal.Its fundamental purpose is to explore the new path and to accumulate new experience for comprehensively deepening reform and expanding opening-up.The core task is to carry out institutional innovation;the basic requirement is to make it copied and promoted and to build the"highland"for system innovation.It has great significance for our country to implement a new round of higher-level opening-up,to drive the reform,development and transformation with opening-up,to carry out"Stress test"and"Risk test"in view of high-standard international investment and trade rules and to speed up the construction of a new open economy system.

  From the perspective of the strategic function,Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area focuses on the independent innovation.If there is no innovation,there will be no development potential,and this is the"Base";Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone is the"Window";the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area is the"Application";the core area of grain production is the"Guarantee";Henan Free Trade Zone is the trial of national strategy in systematic and institutional opening of many fields,which aims to explore the path,to provide reference and to create conditions in favor of the coordinated implementation of a series of strategic planning and strategic platform,and in this sense it is a"Pilot".In a comprehensive look,the relationship among a series of national strategies is cooperative in separation,to promote the development of Henan from different aspects.There is the goal consistency.If the superposition role can be well played,there will be spillover effect.Henan Province will benefit from it,and it will further strengthen and improve the strategic position and demonstration role of Henan in the national overall development.