What are the institutional innovation and reform measures of Henan Free Trade Zone?

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  The overall plan of Henan Free Trade Zone attaches great importance to the existing pilot policies and absorbs the support policies and pilot content of 4 free trade zones approved by the state council.Based on this,the principle and characteristics of the three aspects are highlighted in the aspect of pilot content:the first is to reflect the overall requirement of comprehensively deepening reform and opening wider to the outside world.Closely around the spirit of 18th CPC National Congress,3th,4th,5th and 6th Plenary Session of 18th CPC National Congress and with the system innovation as the core and based on the basic requirements of practice to be copied and promoted and the five development ideas,the Overall Plan focuses on the"Promoting decentralization,combination of the administration and simplifying,optimization of service reform and improving service efficiency","referring to high-standard international economic and trade rules,improving the level of investment and trade facilitation","strengthening the supervision in and after the process and the risk control and prevention","building the business environment under rule of law,facilitation and internationalization","expanding the inland opening and driving the establishment of new-pattern all-round opening to the outside world",to carry out exploration.The second is to reflect the core idea of system innovation.The pilot tasks of the Overall Plan focus on promoting the investment field opening,perfecting the foreign trade development carrier,expanding the financial services,international and domestic transport logistics network construction,first try of multimodal transport and supervision service innovation,which conform to the national reform and innovation direction;the new space will be expanded and new platform will be built in order to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with the countries along"The Belt and Road",to explore the new ways and to accumulate new experience for comprehensively deepening reform and opening-up.The third is to reflect an important mission to serve national strategy and characteristic advantages of Henan.Closely around the construction of the modern three-dimensional traffic system and modern logistics system to link the north and the south and to connect the east and the west specified by the central government,the Overall Plan mainly serves for the construction of the modern integrated transport hub for The Belt and Road and will free the mind and make first try in the aspects of opening international transport logistics channels,improving the network of domestic aviation collection and carrying out first try of multimodal transport,to strengthen the construction of logistics transportation hub for The Belt and Road Initiative and to play a leading role in the inland open economic development under the new situation and to play the driving role of the pilot free trade zone.Henan Free Trade Zone has rich experience in terms of institutional innovation and reform measures and will go beyond your expectation.We sincerely welcome and invite the world and the social from all walks of life to actively participate in the construction of Henan Free Trade Zone.