Henan has led the hinterland provinces for five years from one port to eight ports

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  ■Henan Opening-up Series Report#3

  ▶From one fruit import port five years ago to the current eight import ports of meat and ice fresh aquatic products,Henan has become an inland province with most ports and most complete variety.Comprehensive gathering the port resources not only drives the agglomeration of logistics,people,cash flow and information flow,but also builds a multi-angle inland open platform.

  Open port system is increasingly strengthening the functions

  The holiday of National Day has not passed more than half,but Guo Limin from Zhengzhou Branch of Shanghai Air Sea Group returned to work in advance.In the three years of working in Airport Economy Zone,he found that the amount of fruit for customs clearance has a year-on-year growth.

  Guo Limin,the former general manager of Zhengzhou Branch of Shanghai Air Sea Group:

  We arranged 35 planes,with total capacity of more than 3,500 tons,over twice of that of last year.

  From a small point importing a few tons of fruit each year,to the largest distribution center for imported fresh fruit in the Midwest region,Zhengzhou Airport continuously strengthened the port platform support ability and quickly put the logistics,people flow,cash flow and information flow collected.

  The port of fruit is an epitome of the construction of opening-up platform in Henan.In recent years,Henan has been approved to establish eight designated inland ports such as meat,fresh aquatic products,aquatic animals,slaughter cattle,fruit,automotive,food,entry seedlings.Henan has now become a hinterland province with the most ports and most complete varieties.

  As the portal of opening to the outside world,the future port opening system of Henan will increasingly play a driving role in the 18 cities centralization of Henan.Through the close cooperation with domestic main ports group,the new pattern of the port opening to the world's major economies will be formed.

  Port construction leads the industry development

  The Key Work Promotion Plan of Zhengzhou Air Port&Railway Port and Various Functional Ports of Henan Province issued by Henan Provincial People's Government put forward that by the end of this year,the international mail and vehicle port will strive to achieve the doubling of import and export volume and that the grain port and the meat port reaches 50,000 tons of business volume,and that the volume of imported meat,fruit and edible aquatic animals reaches 15,000 tons.

  The rising freight growth has brought the new possibility for Henan Province to further improve the level of the port economic development and to comprehensively promote the single channel economy changing to diverse economy of trade,logistics,processing,warehousing,tourism and shopping.

  The platform is used to drive capital collection and meanwhile the industrial cluster is applied to make Henan's economy quickly become bigger and stronger.It is known that the industrial added value of the provincial industrial concentration area in the first half of the year accounted for 60.3%of the provincial industrial added value,increased by 5.9%than the same period last year,with a contribution rate of 77.7%to the province's industrial growth.

  Building the platform of"to be entrepreneur,to be innovator"to drive the development of entrepreneurship

  The industrial development cannot do without the drive and support of innovation,more inseparable from the innovation platform construction and support.At the same time of the development of industrial concentration area presenting the stability and positiveness,the innovation and entrepreneurship is also being carried out in Henan.

  Doctor Yang Junjie,a Chinese-American,is a senior scientist on the world's drug research and development,will bring the world's top biotechnology and team at the end of this year,to Henan for two important medical platforms.

  Doctor Yang Junjie of Zhengzhou Airport Bridge Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.said that:

  One platform is a public lab service platform and the other is a platform for the third party inspection.

  Gathering the port resources and building platform frontier

  On April 11,2016,the State Council agreed that the three national high and new technology development zones of Zhengzhou,Luoyang and Xinxiang(collectively referred to as Zheng-Luo-Xin National High-tech Zone)build the national innovation demonstration area.With the approval of Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area,in the future,Henan will be built into the innovation entrepreneurship center of the central plains with international competitiveness.

  On August 31,upon the approval of Henan Free Trade Zone,Henan had a more upscale national open platform;the opening-up will also continue to expand to the multiple fields of finance,cross-border e-business,service trade and high-end manufacturing.

  In the future,the combination of the designated port construction and the free trade zone platform will further accelerate the pace of Henan opening to the outside world,and will enhance the ability of the central province's effective allocation of resources on a global scale,to promote Henan entering into the open frontier economic zone.

  A more dynamic and open platform will highlight the location advantage of the central plains together with the rapid development of the global economy new formats and new technologies.Based on this,the open Henan will step forward steadily in the process of well-off society in all-round way construction and making the central plains better.