Many companies of Fortune Global 500 show concern over one month since the establishment of Henan Free Trade Zone

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  Since the provincial 9th congress of party representatives,especially 18th CPC National Congress,the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Henan Provincial People's Government lead the Henan people and remember the entrustment of General Secretary Xi to insist on"Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy"and"Five Development Ideas"to lead the development of Henan.Over the past five years,combining with the actual situation and serving the national general situation,Henan Province has strongly promoted five national development strategies,to enhance coordination,balance and sustainability of the development and to support the better development of the central plains.Many experts have pointed out that Henan can play five"Trump cards"because the secret is to"A blueprint painted to the end".

  □the Orient Today·Moment News Chief Reporter Liang Xinhui

  Many companies of Fortune Global 500 show concern over one month since the establishment of Henan Free Trade Zone

  On August 31 this year,Henan Province is approved to establish the pilot free trade zone,which includes Zhengzhou Area,Kaifeng Area and Luoyang Area and covers the area of about 120 square kilometers.It's the most powerful regional economic development policy dividends obtained by Henan since the reform and opening-up,to provide a new platform for Henan economic transformation and upgrading.

  "The prominent features of pilot free trade zone are trade liberalization,investment facilitation and institutional innovation.The establishment of Henan Free Trade Zone will make a large number of domestic and foreign merchants enter,so as to form a highland of reform and opening up."said the Professor of Henan University Geng Mingzhai.Over one month since its establishment,now more than 100 companies of Fortune Global 500 are ready to settle in the free trade zone.

  Geng Mingzhai also believes that after the approved establishment of free trade zone in Henan,Henan will drive the leapfrog development of inland open highland on the basis of the location and traffic advantages,which has great significance for Henan.It is known that as early as 2013 Henan started the application of the establishment of Henan Free Trade Zone and listed it into the government work report of year 2014 and 2015,finally to make success nearly three years.

  Henan makes planning as early as possible

  and collects five"Trump card"to win the development

  Over the past five years,in the face of economic development into the new normal,Henan Provincial Party Committee and Henan Provincial People's Government have made early planning and made solid progress.Previously Henan Province has applied for the establishment of"Grain production core area","Central plains economic zone","Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone"and"Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area"like the free trade zone.The five strategies basically form the strategic system to promote the rapid development of Henan.

  Meal-in August 2009,the National Development and Reform Commission issued"Notice on Printing and Distributing the Henan Province Grain Production Core Area Construction Plan;the first point is to meet the needs of the provincial 100 million people for meal;the second point is to ensure national food security.

  Planning-Henan Province put forward to take a road of coordination of new industrialization,new urbanization and agricultural modernization without sacrificing agriculture and food,ecology and environment.In November 2012,the State Council formally approved the Central Plains Economic Zone Planning.

  Wings-Henan is neither a coastal province nor a province along the border,but what should Henan rely on?The answer is sky.In March 2013,the State Council approved the Development Plan of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone,which is the China's first national airport economy zone.

  Innovation-on March 30,2016,the State Council approved the establishment of Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area.Hence,Henan collected five"Trump cards",which"save"sufficient kinetic energy for the future development of Henan.

  The secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee sighed that"The application is not easy,but to make it famous will be more difficult"

  Henan has successively obtained the approval on five national strategies.Like the Henan Free Trade Zone,Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area is also started for construction this year.In 2015,Henan Provincial People's Government included the Strategy Outline of Henan Province to Build a Well-off Society in an All-round Way and to speed up the Modernization and the Government Work Report of Henan Province in 2015.In April this year,after the approval of Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area,Henan Province issued 30 preferential policies to support the development of demonstration area.

  Wang Shushan,the assistant deputy secretary-general of Henan Provincial People's Government and Director of Construction Leading Group Office of Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area,said that Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area will build an innovative"highland"with strong radiation ability and core competence in central plains hinterland.

  Xie Fuzhan,the secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee,stressed that"The demonstration area construction relates to the provincial economic and social development.The application is not easy,but to make it famous will be more difficult."Therefore,Henan Province will put the demonstration area in the overall planning of provincial innovative development,to further increase the intensity of construction and to build it into an innovative entrepreneurship center of the central plains with international competitiveness.

  A piece of attractive inland open highland

  is rising abruptly from Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone

  Over the past five years,The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China has attracted attention from the world,and the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone becomes the engine to lead Henan deeply integrated into The Belt and Road Initiative.

  The leader from Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone said that the demonstration area has made"Big change,big development and big breakthrough"over the past five years.

  It is known that in the first half of this year,Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone achieved the GDP of 24.9 billion Yuan,with a year-on-year growth of 10.2%;the smartphone production is over 100 million units;Zhengzhou Airport completed the throughput of 190,000 tons,with the growth of 17%,ranking first among the large airports.The grain production core area built by Henan will meet the needs of the Chinese people for the meal.In 2011,the grain production of Henan Province reached 110 billion Jin for the first time;in 2015,the grain production of Henan Province reached 121.3 billion Jin,which is expected to continue to be more than 120 billion Jin this year.

  The high-profile economic zone of the central plains is now becoming a coordinated development demonstration area of national industrialization,urbanization and agricultural modernization,the national major economic growth plate,the strategic pivot for national regional coordinated development and the important modern integrated transport hub.

  Combination of five"trump cards"

  The secret is"A blueprint painted to the end"

  Combination of five big development strategies in the five years become a strong support for the development of Henan.

  In early May 2014,the General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Henan and conveyed a message to the provincial officials and the masses that"To achieve the two centenary goals and to realize the Chinese Dream need the better development of the central plains".

  Looking back at the five years,the smooth implementation of five strategic planning in an inland province of Henan should owe to that the provincial party committee leads the party members to carry out education practice based on the party's mass line,the"Three stricts and three honests"special education and"Two Studies,One Action",to enhance the confidence,motivation,and concentration of development.The major national development strategy is combined with the actual situation of Henan;the service for national overall situation is combined with the development of Henan,trying to do big thing,to lay the foundation and to paint a blueprint to the end,focusing on the development and construction.

  Song Xiangqing,the President of Henan Commerce&Economy Association,said that the five national strategies including the free trade zone reflected the focus and power for development of Henan in different periods and different stages and released the development reserves and contributions potential of Henan.Five strategies include primary and secondary points,which support each other.The free trade zone will gather all preferential policies in one and will play a multiplier effect.

  Gu Jianquan,the Director of Henan Province People's Government Development Research Center,said that based on five major national strategies,there is reason to believe that a development momentum is increasing and Henan Province under rapid development will bring new hope and vision to the people and will make the central plains more better in the realization of"Two century goals"and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as the Chinese dream.