Developing Henan Free Trade Zone and Planning to build Zhengzhou Urban Circle

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  On August 31,2016,the application for the establishment of Henan Free Trade Zone was successfully approved.According to the declaration plan,Henan Free Trade Zone plans to include Zhengzhou Area,Kaifeng Area and Luoyang Area with Zhengzhou as the center,covering the area about 119.77 square kilometers.

  There is a basic unified conclusion on the positioning of Henan Free Trade Zone in the field:it will be built into an international logistics center and a unblocked logistics distribution center by land and by air;the international trade center should be built,to create the trading platform of commodity trading,all kinds of derivatives,domestic and international electric business;the management innovation system pilot area should be built;the establishment of advanced government services and regulatory model should be promoted.The establishment of Henan Free Trade Zone is of great significance for promoting the development of opening of inland areas in China,especially in Henan Province.

  The free trade zone strategy is an important move to promote the development of urban cluster and to increase the economic linkage.In the context of major strategic implementation of"The Belt and Road Initiative",Henan Province strengthens the construction of the regional economy in Henan and its direct linkage to the world through implementation of the strategy of free trade zone.The developing mode of Zhengzhou Urban Circle should be associated with free trade zone.With Zhengzhou as the center and the Airport Economy Zone,Luoyang and Kaifeng as the three points to form a solid triangle and to make axial diffusion,eventually a similar"Fan-shaped"regional spatial integration will be formed.From the highly favored Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Intercity Railway and Zhengzhou-Jiaozuo Intercity Railway,to the official opening of Zhengzhou-Airport Railway and the opening and operation of Zhengzhou-Xuzhou High-speed Railway on September 10,Zhengzhou is connected rapidly to various free trade zones for the first time and the urban cluster core"Half an hour traffic circle"of the Central Plains with Zhengzhou as the center is basically formed.From a broader look,Zhengzhou is the"Double cross"coordinate point of Jingguang Railway and Longhai Railway,Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Rail Passenger Dedicated Line and Xuzhou-Lanzhou High-speed Rail Passenger Dedicated Line.The government is planning a"*"shaped high-speed rail network based on"Double cross",finally to form the real urban traffic circle in half an hour of the Central Plains.This is the confidence of Henan to build the Free Trade Zone and is also the huge boost to the development of Henan Province by the free trade zone.

  In recent years,Zhengzhou gradually clarifies that in the next five years,the status of national center city is identified and the government decided the direction of"The modern industry system supported by advanced manufacturing and dominated by modern service industry"and tries to create the trillion-Yuan electronic information industry cluster,500 billion automobile and equipment manufacturing industry cluster.Program of Development Strategy for the Construction of Zhengzhou International Business City specifically points out that the leading and driving role of Zhengzhou should be played to obviously improve its status in Henan Province.By 2049,Zhengzhou City's comprehensive strength will reach the development level of the world's most advanced cities,to ultimately play an important role in global economic system.