Trade Facilitation - Case 2: "Single Window" for International Trade

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(Provided by China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone)

In order to further promote the trade facilitation, in September 2014, the Fujian Provincial People's Government started the construction of "Single window" for international trade in the principle of "The enterprise's needs oriented and problem oriented". In April 2015, the online operation of the "Single window" implemented the system of "One platform, an interface, click to access, once declaration" to deal with international trade business.

I. Main practice

Fujian "Single window" for international trade is led by the government and jointly built by the departments of customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime and frontier inspection, involving more than 30 relevant departments. Fujian Provincial Port Office leads the planning and design and sets up the provincial electronic port management center responsible for the implementation' the construction funds are included into the fiscal budget.

(1) Business model.

According to the actual situation of the interaction of two customs areas and two inspection areas of Fujian Province, Fujian Province sets up a platform and two operating entities as Fuzhou and Xiamen, which should have the unified interface and unified propaganda and will be responsible by the Fujian Provincial Electronic Information Group and Xiamen Free Trade Zone Electronic Port Company for the development, operation and maintenance; the operational expenses shall be included in the budget in the form of the government buying service. The data of two operating entities should be fully shared; the Fujian Provincial Electronic Port Management Center (provincial port data center) should directly contact the port inspection unit and two operating entities line through the special network line and should be responsible for the real-time summary of the provincial customs clearance inspection, port logistics and other operating data. The enterprise can choose appropriate operating entity to deal with the business.

(2) Basic function design.

The Fujian "Single window" for international trade is constructed by stages. Version 1.0 is designed with seven functions, including the cargo declaration, the declaration of the transport facilities, customs inspection "Three ones", government service, financial service, business trade license, on Taiwan and "The Belt and Road". Version 2.0 will be planned and designed in accordance with the international standards with the participation of Singapore professional company.

Shipping company





Warehouse terminal yard

Freight forwarding

Transport enterprise

Regulatory authorities

Single window

Owner enterprise

Trade enterprise  Production enterprise

Financial institution

Other international information platform

Regional information platform

Overall architecture


1. Goods declaration. The services, such as the general trade, special surveillance zone, cross-border e-business, express consignment customs clearance and inspection & declaration, as well as maritime declaration of the dangerous goods, would be provided. 

2. Customs inspection "Three ones". The joint inspection, joint approval and related query service of the customs inspection will be realized based on "Once declaration, once inspection and once approval", based on which the electronic reservation system and the public subsidy management system would be developed further. 

3. Declaration of the transport facilities. The services, such as the declaration of the transport facilities information and relevant manifest data of inbound or outbound vessel or aircraft to the departments of customs, inspection and quarantine and frontier defense, as well as the declaration of electronic pass of the through goods to the customs, should be provided. 

4. The government affairs service. Based on the integration of the credit system query system, intelligent supervision platform and banking tax system, the port business services should be provided for the enterprises and should be extended to the free trade zone government related services, to build a complete online comprehensive information service system. 

5. Financial services. It should be extended and connected to the bank, foreign exchange, tax, credit guarantee and other related financial service systems, to provide import and export foreign exchange payment for foreign trade enterprises and export of small & micro enterprises credit insurance and to provide the tax segmented guarantee for the distribution and reporting business of the enterprises in the area under special supervision of the customs. 

6. Trade license application. The related trade license services such as foreign trade business filing, overseas enterprise annual inspection, processing trade and import tariff quota of agricultural products should be provided. 

7. Taiwan and "The Belt and Road" The link should be established to Taiwan customs trade web. The service platform for Taiwan should be built, to realize the declaration of the manifest, passenger list, electronic certificate of origin, ocean express list and the customs clearance, logistics data exchange with Taiwan. The connection to the ports and railway along the "The Belt and Road" should be gradually established.

(3) Data integration.

In order to promote the data exchange of the port inspection unit, Fujian Province has specially integrated the data in the declaration forms distributed in each port unit. Taking the two declarations of goods import and export for an order and the declaration of inbound and outbound ship as an example, after the integration, the 149 items required by the customs declaration and inspection should be reduced to 96, with the cancellation of 53 items; 3 forms involved by the ship inbound and outbound declaration totaled 641 items will be integrated as 384 items, with the cancellation of 257 items.

(4) Close linkage between the port business and customs clearance business.

The inspection and quarantine department, maritime department and port management department jointly built the platform, to implements the customs declaration, logistics management, inspection and approval service through process reengineering and to realize the paperless processing of shipping agency, vehicle team, yard storage and port logistics production operation on a "Single window", which greatly improves the efficiency of customs clearance.

(5) Supporting measures.

Led by Fujian Provincial Electronic Port Management Center, the service hotline 96114 and 968910 are provided to access to the user call of "Single window" of Fujian Province and to respond the users' needs for 7*24 hours. The part of the management service fees charged on the enterprises through the customs clearance link of the "Single window" (such as customs declaration and the processing trade parameter entry fee, electronic data transfer and handling fee, inspection and quarantine declaration software service fee, etc.) will be reduced and exempt through the way of the government purchasing service; by easing the burden, the enterprises will be actively guided to apply the "Single window".

II. Practical effect

At present, 75 million Yuan has been invested in the establishment of "Single window", and 48 service items have been put into operation on the platform and 40 items are under construction. The platform is directly serving more than 3,700 enterprises engaged in the port production and operations, international trade, logistics and intermediary service and is indirectly serving more than 25,000 foreign trade enterprises, with the daily document processing of more than 30,000 pieces; 100% business coverage is achieved in such four parts as ship inbound and outbound declaration, goods import quarantine declaration, air freight customs logistics supervision and maritime customs logistics supervision. 95% business coverage is achieved in the electronic account regulation and customs transit operations (electronic pass) of the free trade zone.

(1) Significantly improving the customs clearance efficiency.

The goods import and export declaration time is shortened to 5 - 10 minutes from four hours; the vessel inspection and quarantine declaration time is shortened to 5 minutes from 50 minutes; the time of the whole process for goods export is shortened to 8 days from 16 days (note: the time of whole process of goods trade is evaluated by the world bank) reduced to 8 days; the ship entry time is shortened to 2.5 hours from 36 hours and the exit time is shortened to 1 hour from 36 hours.

(2) Significantly improving the comprehensive service level.

The first is that Fujian "Single window" for international trade has implemented the connection and exchange with the provincial market supervision and public credit platform, to share the provincial enterprise credit data. The second is to use the advanced technologies such as cloud computing and mobile query to realize the port information mobile query, WeChat and geographic information services. The third is that the system of "A port acceptance, one license and one code" established by the enterprise has been linked to the "Single window"; from the establishment to the customs clearance of the foreign trade enterprises, the procedure of "One window, once application" is achieved. 

(3) Sharply reducing the financial burden on enterprises.

The first is that the cost of each container can be reduced by 600 Yuan after the implementation of "Three ones" of customs and inspection cooperation. The second is that the cost of customs declaration is cut by 5 Yuan per piece and that the transmission cost for independent declaration enterprise is exempt. The third is that the credit guarantee fee of the small and micro enterprises implementing import and export is exempt. The fourth is that after the implementation of paperless segmented guarantee, the monthly advance payment of the tax guarantee is changed to the payment according to the actual batch, which greatly reduces the occupation of the enterprise capital. 

III. Working thought of next step

Main problems existing in the construction of the "Single window" include: the first is the standard to be unified with other free trade zone; the second is the slow linkage of Fujian and Taiwan electronic port. Fujian Province will focus on the following work:

(1) Further improving the function and coverage of "Single window".

The establishment of Version 2.0 will be started, including further optimization of the customs clearance and ship joint inspection process, organic link enterprises registration, project examination and approval, covering the whole flow of international trade; setting up a complete interactive information service system of the online information service platform and offline comprehensive service center; expanding cross-border payment, intelligent regulation and automatic customs clearance; providing whole-process electronic services, to make the complete function of "Single window" and more efficient service.

(2) Accelerating the data standardization; referring to the international standards and national standards; implementing data standardization.

The basic work should be done well. By the support of Informatization Standard Committee of Fujian Province, the existing international standards and national standards should be referred in the development of "Single window" as much as possible, to maximize the data standardization.

(3) Actively exploring the cooperation of customs clearance with Taiwan and the countries and regions along "The Belt and Road".

The equivalence evaluation of standards and technical regulations between Fujian and Taiwan and the construction of qualified assessment information system should be attached great importance, to promote the mutual recognition of the customs clearance data, inspection results, customs label and certificate of origin. The cooperation of customs clearance with the countries and regions along "The Belt and Road" should be strengthened.