Opinions of the General Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province on the Implementation of Reforming and Improving the Postdoctoral System

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  Opinions of the General Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province on the Implementation of Reforming and Improving the Postdoctoral System


To cities under the jurisdiction of Henan Province,the people’s governments of counties(cities)under provincial administration,departments of The People’s Government of Henan Province:

  To carry out the Opinions of the General Office of the Stage Council on Reforming and Improving the Postdoctoral System(GFB[2015]No.87)and the Opinions of the People’s Government of Henan Province of the CPC Henan Provencal Committee on the Implementation of Deepening the Reform of the Personnel Development System and Mechanism and Speeding up the Building of a Strong Province Through Human Resource Development(YF[2017]No.13),thoroughly implement the strategy of giving priority to personnel development,give full play to the important roles of the postdoctoral system in training high-level innovative youth personnel and promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation,and boost the sound development of postdoctoral work,the following implementation opinions are put forward with the approval of the provincial government based on the reality of Henan Province.

  Ⅰ.Requirements of Overall Objectives

  We should fully carry out the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the 3rd,4th,5th,6th,and 7th plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee and thoroughly implement the spirit of the personnel work conference of the CPC provincial committee.We should attach much importance to the solution of key problems that restrict the development of the postdoctoral undertaking and focus on improving the training quality of postdoctoral personnel.We should innovate the management system,better the system and mechanism,improve the full-service system,and raise the internationalization level,enabling the postdoctoral system to play an important role in introducing personnel into in colleges and universities,research institutes and enterprises,postdoctoral recruitment units to play a principal role in personal training and utilization,and postdoctoral personnel to play a backbone role in research teams.We should make an all-out effort to substantially increase the province-wide recruitment number of postdoctoral personnel and the percentage of postdoctoral personnel in the newly employed teaching and research staff in key colleges and universities and research institutes,and in national key research projects.We should try to further increase the number of foreign and returned postdoctoral fellows as well as those leaving a postdoctoral station but staying in Henan,and markedly enhance personnel attraction effects.Thus,we will make the postdoctoral system an important system of training high-level innovative youth personnel.

  Ⅱ.Reforming Management System

  (1)Defining postdoctoral personnel orientation.As the high-level innovative youth personnel who are trained systematically and purposefully by the State,postdoctoral personnel are researchers of mobility during their stay in a postdoctoral station.Anyone who is under 35 years old and obtained a doctorate within 3 years is entitled to apply for postdoctoral research.For those who apply to work at a mobile post-doctoral research station(hereinafter referred to as a mobile station),post-doctoral research center(hereinafter referred to as a center),post-doctoral innovation practice base(hereinafter referred to as a base)in the field of humanities and social science or in the field of natural science suffering brain strain,the age limit can be appropriately relaxed.The period of a postdoctoral fellow working at a station is usually 2 years.The unit setting up a mobile station,a center,or a base(hereinafter collectively referred to as station-running unit)can flexibly determine the duration of the stay of a postdoctoral fellow at the station within 2 to 4 years based on project needs.For the postdoctoral fellow undertaking a national key sci-tech project at a station,the duration of their stay at the station can be adjusted in accordance with the project term and their tasks with the approval of the station-running unit.The total term for a postdoctoral fellow to do postdoctoral research shall not exceed 6 years.

  (2)Giving full play to recruitment units as a subject.Colleges and universities,research institutes and enterprises should play a principal role in recruitment and training of postdoctoral personnel.The recruitment unit should sign an institution employment contract or enterprise labor contract(employment agreement for in-service or foreign postdoctoral personnel)with postdoctoral personnel and sign a research plan according to the project requirements.The postdoctoral co-supervisor of a mobile station should have postdoctoral instructor qualifications or a senior professional title,and the postdoctoral co-supervisor of a center and base should have a senior professional title.The recruitment unit is the responsible subject of postdoctoral personnel management,taking charge of researching and formulating specific management regulations,standardizing postdoctoral personnel admission procedures,strengthening process assessment,making strict appraisal and faithfully fulfilling management responsibility.

  (3)Optimizing construction of postdoctoral work platforms.We will streamline government administration,delegate more powers,improve regulation and service,and transform government functions to optimize construction of postdoctoral work platforms.A mobile station which has been awarded with excellent grades of comprehensive assessment within 5 years,and whose units have a discipline entitled to award the doctoral degree of first-level discipline or have a discipline for which a national key research platform is set up but a station is not set up,and a unit which sets up a national key research base and undertakes a national key sci-tech project,but for which a station is not set up can recruit postdoctoral personnel according to relevant regulations after inspection,assessment,and accreditation by experts organized by the Office of Postdoctoral Management and Coordination Committee of Henan Province(hereinafter referred to as the Provincial Postdoctoral Management Office)and reporting to the National Office of Postdoctoral Management Committee(hereinafter referred to as the National Postdoctoral Management Office)for records.A station which exists for at least 3 years,accumulatively recruits at least 6 postdoctoral personnel in the recent 3 years and delivers an outstanding performance in postdoctoral work can independently admit postdoctoral personnel after being recommended by the Provincial Postdoctoral Management Office and approved by the National Postdoctoral Management Office.If a regional or park-like station sets up(or cancels)a substation,such as Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone,China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone,Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area,the High-Tech Industrial Development Zone,the Economic and Technological Development Zone,the Overseas Students Pioneer Park,relevant procedures can be simplified,but the Provincial Postdoctoral Management Office should approve it and report to the National Postdoctoral Management Office for records.

  (4)Carrying out hierarchical management.We should fully fulfil national requirements about the three-level management system of postdoctoral work and further improve Henan’s postdoctoral management system.The Provincial Postdoctoral Management Office should be responsible for the formulation of postdoctoral management regulations,station access management,financial aid,assessment and examination,service guarantee,and other work;the postdoctoral management departments of cities under the jurisdiction of Henan Province and counties(cities)under provincial administration are responsible for inspecting the implementation of the postdoctoral management system under their jurisdiction,guiding station-running units to do regular postdoctoral work,promoting transformation of achievements in postdoctoral scientific research;station-running units should be responsible for recruitment,training,examination,management,services and other specific work of postdoctoral personnel.

  Ⅲ.Improving Management Regulations

  (1)Strengthening recruitment management.We should stick to the fundamental direction of the postdoctoral system for training high-level innovative youth personnel and further strengthen recruitment management of postdoctoral personnel.We should take active actions to recruit outstanding PhD Graduates to carry out postdoctoral research and optimize education-related structure.We should put strict control on the percentage of postdoctoral personnel who are recruited by the station-running unit from the inside of itself on the same first-level discipline,exceed the age limit,and are on the job.We will encourage and support station-running units to recruit excellent overseas postdoctoral fellows for postdoctoral research in Henan.We will not recruit on-the-job leaders and cadres of the Party and government organs for postdoctoral research.We will standardize the way of putting postdoctoral personnel on field practice.The time for postdoctoral personnel to do full-time research at a station-running unit should not less than 2 years.The number of postdoctoral personnel put on field practice in the sphere of natural science should be reduced.The postdoctoral personnel who pass the qualification examination should be awarded a postdoctoral certificate by the Provincial Postdoctoral Management Office.

  (2)Bettering methods of training and assessment.We should encourage and support centers,bases and mobile stations to carry out joint recruitment and training of postdoctoral personnel.We should give full play to the roles of expert committees of station-running units in admission selection,mid-term examination,and qualification assessment and to the roles of postdoctoral co-supervisors in recruitment,training,examination,management,etc.We should establish a training system oriented towards search plans and improve the postdoctoral performance evaluation system with innovative achievements in scientific research as its core evaluation criterion.We should support station-running units to carry out classified training and assessment for postdoctoral personnel from different disciplines and in different research.

  (3)Keeping withdrawal channels smooth.We should define the withdrawal conditions and procedures for postdoctoral personnel.We should establish a joint coordination mechanism between mobile postdoctoral stations,centers,bases and personnel exchange centers and personnel mobility services in other places.The personnel exchange centers at all levels across the province or personnel services should receive and keep personal files of postdoctoral personnel withdrawing from or staying at a station according to the personal file management regulations.Those who withdraw from a station should not enjoy postdoctoral funding policies any more.

  Ⅳ.Improving Training Quality

  (1)Combining key scientific research bases and projects.We should play an active role in carrying out Henan’s key national strategies,including Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone,China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone,Zheng-Luo-Xin National Innovation Demonstration Area.We should advance coordinated development of the“two stations and one base”of Henan’s postdoctoral work and“multiple platforms”of scientific innovation for enterprises(coordinated innovation center,key laboratory,engineering laboratory,technology transfer center,engineering research center,engineering technology research center,enterprise technology center,academician workstation,overseas high-end personnel pioneer park,etc.).We should make efforts to form an industry-university-research-application cooperation mechanism integrating postdoctoral personnel,projects,and products by combining policies,funds,personnel,and services.We will encourage station-running units to recruit and train postdoctoral personnel by relying on national and provincial key research bases or key sci-tech projects they undertake.We will support station-running units to organize scientific research innovation teams centering on postdoctoral personnel and support postdoctoral personnel to participate in national key fields,major special projects,frontier technology and major scientific research projects.We will probe into building a library of research achievements of postdoctoral personnel and strengthen the protection of intellectual property of research achievements of postdoctoral personnel.

  (2)Intensifying efforts to expand academic exchange.We will actively participate in domestic and international postdoctoral academic exchanges organized the National Postdoctoral Management Office.We will set up support programs of postdoctoral academic exchanges in Henan,supporting station-running units to sign exchange agreements with domestic and international first-rate universities and research institutes and exchange students and visiting scholars.We will support postdoctoral personnel to go abroad for academic exchanges,improving the international academic level of Henan’s postdoctoral personnel.

  (3)Improving the assessment mechanism.We will establish a rea-time,dynamic postdoctoral assessment system to impose closer dynamic tracking on the training quality of postdoctoral personnel.We should establish stricter standards for the assessment of new mobile stations,centers and bases.We should carry out classified assessment for mobile stations and centers,with the assessment conducted once every five years.The unit which are assessed to be excellent should be praised according to relevant regulations.We should conduct special examination on mobile stations,centers and bases in combination with the recruitment number and training quality of postdoctoral personnel.The special examination should be conducted once every two years.The unit which fails to pass the examination will be criticized in the form of a circulated notice and should carry out rectification within the specified time.According to relevant regulations,for the mobile station or center that still fails to pass the examination through rectification,the Provincial Postdoctoral Management Office will propose to report to the National Postdoctoral Management Office for disqualification;for the base that still fails to pass the examination through rectification,the National Postdoctoral Management Office will withdraw its qualifications.

  Ⅴ.Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  (1)Implementing support plans for innovative postdoctoral personnel.We should press ahead with the training of high-level innovative youth personnel.Taking aim at research platforms like national and provincial key laboratories,national and provincial major strategies,emerging industries of strategic importance and the frontiers of basic science and centering on high-end equipment,electronic information,new energy vehicles,biological medicine,new materials and other key sectors in Henan,we should cherry-pick some fresh or recent excellent Ph.D.graduates at home and abroad every year.We should concentrate preponderant discipline strength to create good research conditions and relaxed research environments to train them to do postdoctoral research,bringing up a batch of domestically leading,internationally first-rate high-level innovative youth personnel.

  (2)Playing an active role in advancing transformation of scientific achievements.We should implement the strategy of innovation-driven development,adapt to the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading,and make a coordinated use of existing science and technology resources to explore the building of postdoctoral innovation demonstration centers,technological result transformation bases,postdoctoral entrepreneur boot camps,and other platforms.We should organize regular activities of offering postdoctoral technological services(go to the grassroots),increase support for innovation and entrepreneurship of postdoctoral personnel,and advance the connectivity between postdoctoral personnel and research projects of the grass-roots,enterprises and poverty-stricken areas.We should speed up transformation of scientific achievements and economic and social development.

  (3)Improving incentive polices about innovation and entrepreneurship.We will redouble efforts to attract excellent Ph.D.graduates to do postdoctoral research in Henan and include them into the scope of the preferential policy for high-level personnel.We will support postdoctoral personnel leaving a station to make innovation and startups in Henan.On-duty postdoctoral personnel will enjoy incentive policies on innovation and entrepreneurship and returns on transformation of scientific achievements according to relevant national policies and regulations.We will give full play to the initiative of postdoctoral personnel in innovation and entrepreneurship by stocks,options,and dividends and other means.

  Ⅵ.Strengthening service guarantee

  (1)Improving the funding mechanism.We will improve the funding mechanism for postdoctoral daily and research spending.We will integrate and optimize postdoctoral personnel training plans and further revise and improve postdoctoral funding management measures.We will explore to build a third-party assessment mechanism of postdoctoral funds,strengthening supervision and management of postdoctoral daily spending,research project starting funds,matching funds for the subsidy of the National Science Foundation for Postdoctoral Scientists,settling-in allowance for those staying in and coming to Henan,and other funds,and improving the use efficacy.We should strive for national fund assistance and provincial financial support based on the financial position.Any station-running unit which invests postdoctoral research funds for research and development of new technologies,new products,and new processes should enjoy pre-tax deduction from the business income tax according to relevant national taxation regulations.

  (2)Encouraging investment of social funds.Making full use of the market mechanism and adopting incentive policies and measures,we will guide social funds to support the innovation and entrepreneurship of postdoctoral personnel,subsidize business incubation and scientific achievement transformation,and get gains by setting up excellent postdoctoral fellow award funds,venture capital funds,industrial guide funds and other forms of funds.We should research and work out supportive policies for postdoctoral personnel to publish outstanding postdoctoral treatises on natural science and humanities and social sciences,encouraging units or individuals having conditions to provide financial support for publication of postdoctoral treatises.

  (3)Improving service levels.We should actively build a coordination mechanism for the postdoctoral personnel admission and withdrawal services of the Provincial Postdoctoral Management Office and the National Postdoctoral Management Office and advance the building and application of the service platform which can carry out“online preliminary review and settlement at a time”for admission and withdrawal of postdoctoral personnel.We will provide convenience for foreign postdoctoral personnel coming to Henan,handling procedures of visas,work permits and residence according to their stay at a station.We will explore the practice of including foreign postdoctoral personnel into the scope of foreigner's work permit application.We will make progress in the building of postdoctoral apartments,and rely on existing resources like relocation housing,talent apartments, encourage cities under the jurisdiction of Henan Province,counties(cities)under provincial administration,and station-running units to pay monetary rent allowance or employ other forms of allowance to solve relocation housing problems of postdoctoral personnel.We should properly solve the problem of household relocation of postdoctoral personnel and their family members and the problem of children education.The departments involving human resources and social security,education,science and technology,public security,finance,etc.should act in concert to deliver a good performance in providing services for scientific innovation of postdoctoral personnel.Postdoctoral personnel should be treated as the station-running unit’s staff during their stay at the station,with their length of service calculated.For postdoctoral personnel who have no work experience before joining a station,the time of attending a job will be calculated from the date entering the station.For the postdoctoral personnel working at an institutional station-running unit,the position performance work system and the basic salary standard for professional and technical personnel will be implemented.The station-running unit should pay social insurance for postdoctoral personnel according to regulations.For postdoctoral personnel who fail to undergo a title assessment before joining a station,the station-running unit should grant them an intermediate title,conducting a title assessment or proposing assessment opinions for them before their term expires.The scientific achievements postdoctoral personnel gain at a station should considered basis for their title assessment before or after leaving the station.

  (4)Setting up exchange platforms.We will actively promote deeper integration between Henan’s postdoctoral station-running units and nationwide mobile stations and centers.We will set up postdoctoral recruitment platforms for employers,playing an active role in recruiting excellent Ph.D.graduates for postdoctoral research.We will include postdoctoral services into the province-wide public service platform of high-level personnel and explore to incorporate the information service system for postdoctoral personnel and research project exchange into the“golden insurance project”for coordinated development.We will support postdoctoral fellows to take the initiative in establishing social academic organizations,setting up academic exchange platforms,and regularly conducting postdoctoral activities.We will help intensify vertical and horizontal connection among postdoctoral personnel during their stay at a station to promote discipline integration and academic exchanges.

  (5)Enhancing organization and leadership.We should establish a work coordination mechanism for reforming and improving the postdoctoral system,with the department of human resources and social security as the leader,and other departments of education,science and technology,public security,finance,etc.involved.Cities under the jurisdiction of Henan Province and counties(cities)under the direct provincial administration should be fully aware of the important significance of delivering a good performance of postdoctoral work,make clear part-time and full-time postdoctoral researchers,and define responsibilities and division of labor.We should carry out active coordination and cooperation with a consideration of the whole in order to work on the same direction and establish a team having strong political sensitivity,great professional ability and much devotion,ensuring every task are really put into practice.

  General Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province

  October 16,2017