Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People's Government of Henan Province Releases Opinions on Serving Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone

Article   Time:2017/11/21 17:25:45 【Size:B M SPrint 2.According to the news released on the website of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Henan Province,to further give full play to the strengths of Henan foreign and overseas Chinese affairs resources and make best efforts to serve the construction of China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone(hereinafter referred to as the Free Trade Zone),the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People's Government of Henan Province issued the Opinions on the Implementation of Province-wide Foreign and Overseas Chinese System Serving the Construction of China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone,putting forward definite requirements and specific tasks for the following 5 aspects:examination and approval of going abroad on business,administration service concerning foreign affairs,project information services,international exchange and cooperation,and foreign affairs-related capacity building.

  First,we should strengthen administration of the examination and approval of foreign visits.We should further improve the levels of scientific and precise services for administration of official visits to foreign countries.We should increase support for groups from surrounding countries participating in The Belt and Road.We should well carry out relevant requirements for governmental functions in streamlining administration,delegating powers,and improving regulation and services.We should play an active part in advancing e-government to optimize application for going abroad on business and improve working efficiency.We should continue to intensify the publicity,application and management of APEC Business Travel Cards to provide convenience for the enterprises settled in the free trade zone to“go out”.

  Second,we should enhance safeguard of external security.We should strictly carry out work systems related to external security,make a prompt decision on situations,analyze problems,work out emergency plans and resolve conflicts,providing strong system-based safeguard for external security construction of the free trade zone.We should actively encourage foreign organizations to set up regional headquarters and representative offices in Zhengzhou.

  Third,we should improve project information services.We should effectively integrate cooperation information concerning Henan’s foreign affairs,overseas Chinese affairs,Hong Kong and Macao,and friendship cities,playing a greater role in serving the“four industries”in the free trade zone.We should make use of publicity platforms which are set up by relevant national ministries and commissions and inside Henan to publicize the service projects concerning foreign affairs that are offered by the free trade zone and their development achievements so as to attract more counties and regions to participate in the construction of the free trade zone.

  Fourth,we should deepen international exchanges and cooperation.We should follow the State’s overall diplomatic work and consider the functional orientation of Zhengzhou,Luoyang,and Kaifeng areas.We should center on the focus of the work on“plans,pivots,connectivity,coordination,and platforms”.With all the efforts above,we should publicize and introduce the building of Henan Free Trade Zone in provincial-level external exchanges,foreign dignitary visits,Overseas Chinese leader exchanges,international friendship city cooperation and foreign media interviews,and other activities.

  Fifth,we should enhance foreign affairs-related capacity building.We should fully improve the service capability of foreign and overseas Chinese departments to serve the building of the free trade zone.We should carry out the central government’s requirements for“creating high-quality personnel teams in international perspective”.We should train and learn in multiple ways to enable personnel related to foreign affairs to“stick to the bottom line and principle,make clear policies and views,and safeguard our interests”,creating a good international environment for the free trade zone.