The Unitary Tax Window of Kaifeng Area, Henan Free Trade Zone Introduces a “QR Code” One-time Information System to Create Taxation Services “at the Fingertips”.

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  With the accelerated advance of the building of the free trade zone,exclusive tax business increases.To improve taxation efficiency and provide maximum convenience for taxpayers,Kaifeng taxation bureau further deepens and improves a“QR Code”one-time information system,solving tax-paying difficulties“at the fingertips”,and tax payers getting more satisfied with faster tax-paying.

  First,publicity from multiple perspectives.Brochures about“QR codes”for tax paying should be released to tax payers.“QR code”pictures should be offered through the QQ Chat Group and WeChat official account of the tax office to make them easy for tax payers to download and use.At eye-catching places like the unitary tax window counter and display stands,information materials,brochures and signs about the“QR code”one-time information system should be provided to remind tax payers to“take a scan”of the“QR code”.

  Second,promotion in multiple ways.The“QR code”one-time information system should be treated as the principal content of tax-paying guide services to actively guide tax payers to scan the link,understand what the“QR code”is,and check and handle the service in order that tax payers understand the information about administrative licensing,tax-related service description,tax policy bases,etc.

  Third,guarantee by multiple means.The free Wi-Fi at the comprehensive service center of the free trade zone will be told to tax payers to make it easy for them to scan the QR code and search tax matters.The special post responsibility system will be implemented to assign personnel to keep a close watch on changes in existing polices and service adjustments to continuously update the“QR code”and ensure tax payers get access to“first-hand”information in order that tax payers can enjoy more convenience from“palm-top tax services”.