Functional Departments of Zhengzhou Area, Henan Free Trade Zone Make Innovations in Services: Simple Procedures Save Time, Effort, and Money

Article From:Zhengzhou Daily   Time:2017/11/21 17:22:21 【Size:B M SPrint
  Zhengzhou Daily News(Report:Dang Hexi;Correspondent:Zhu Mingming).The report learnt from authorities concerned yesterday that by June 1 Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone had been established and put into operation for two full months.Statistics shows that the window of Zhengzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau(under construction)accumulatively dealt with 386 registration records,issued 1,798 certificates of origin and realized visa amount of about 593 million yuan.

  Provided that the pilot free trade zone is a policy height of opening up and reform,inspection and quarantine is an important testing ground for reform and innovation.Remaining committed to serving Zhengzhou Area of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone,Zhengzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau(under construction)(hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau)was established and put into service on the same day as Zhengzhou Area.Just in two months,Zhengzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau made innovations to moves and delivered a good performance in window service consultation,business processing and implementation of 22 measures issued by the provincial bureau to support the building of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone,delivering an impressive“digital”transcript.

  Zhengzhou Area Inspection and Quarantine Window accumulatively dealt with 386 registration records,issued 1,798 certificates of origin and realized visa amount of 593 million yuan.Enterprises enjoyed importing country tariff reduction and exemption of about 38.22 million yuan and visa products involved 669 varieties.The Window accumulatively received more than 1,400 call and visit inquires,which were completely answered and offered reasonable solutions.Products issued with a“permit”and ranking among the top ten by value include aluminum coils,dehydrated garlic granules,brown fused alumina,adipic acid,electric bicycles,fabric roller blinds,nylon 66 industrial yarn,dehydrated whole gingers,aluminum plates,and garlic.

  The underlying motive power of the digital transcript is the quality-related expansion of Zhengzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

  Administration streamlining and power delegation focus on delegating administrative approval,exempting from compulsory product certification,releasing transfer or re-export products from quarantine and inspection approval.

  Regulatory system innovation focuses on implementing a hierarchical inspection and quarantine regulatory system,making innovations to regulatory modes of inspection and quarantine,carrying out credit rating management,developing new ways of certificate of origin management,and ensuring that products sold domestically should be produced on the same production lines,meet the same standards,and be of the same quality as products for export.

  The level of trade facilitation was improved.Zhengzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau waged“four wars”:implementing inspection and quarantine integration,promoting mutual recognition of certification and inspection and testing results,supporting the building of the“single window”for international trade,and encouraging the construction of trade facilitation demonstration projects.