Notice of the People's Government of Henan Province about Printing the Special Planning on the Construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" (2017-2025)

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To the people's governments of the municipalities and counties and all departments of the People's Government of Henan Province:

The People's Government of Henan Province hereby prints and issues the Special Planning on the Construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" (2017-2025) to you for careful implementation.

The People's Government of Henan Province

September 18, 2017

Special Planning on the Construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" (2017-2025)


In order to comprehensively implement the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping, accelerate the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" and improve the capacity of Henan serving for the construction of "The Belt and Road", this plan is hereby developed.

I. Planning background

(a) Construction basis. Zhengzhou is located in the center in China mainland which is the active east Asian economic circle, while Luxembourg is located at the center of Europe which is the developed European economic circle. Both sides have similar location conditions and a mature system of air transport. The area of cooperation continues to expand and the potential for cooperation continues to be released.

The important role of Zhengzhou Airport is increasingly highlighted. In March 2013, the State Council approved "Development Plan of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone", which makes Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone become the only one pilot zone based on airport economy. By giving full play to the advantages of national strategic platform, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone has developed the hub-and-spoke airline network across Europe, America and Asia and covering the world's major economies. The passenger and freight industry of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (hereinafter referred to as "Zhengzhou Airport") ranks 15th and 7th in 2016 respectively from 18th and 15th in 2012; the import and export amount of Zhengzhou Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone ranks the first in China, which provides air carrier support for the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky". The function of Zhengzhou as a modern integrated transport hub continues to be highlighted. Zhengzhou is an international modern integrated transport hub approved by the country and is located in the center of the national railway network, high-speed highway and air network, with prominent advantages of air-ground cohesion and multimodal transportation. The putting-in-service Zhengzhou Airport Phase II has the throughput capacity of 40 million person-times passengers and freight 700,000 tons in a year. The China-Europerope Freight Trains (Zhengzhou) to Hamburg, Germany was opened and has realized the weekly "Eight flights go and six flights coming back" high-frequency normal operations. The construction of asterisk*-shape high-speed rail network centered in Zhengzhou is accelerated. The "Combination of three types of network" of civil aviation, railway and the transportation system of "Four ports linkage" of airport, railway port, highway port and international land port has been basically formed, which provides the basis for the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky".

The cooperation space of Zhengzhou-Luxemburg "Double hubs" is expanding. Luxembourg is an important air and land hub of the Europe. Cargolux Airlines International is the European largest cargo airline. In 2014, Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd. and Cargolux Airlines International started the international capital cooperation. At present, Zhengzhou-Luxembourg air route has covered the some major European and American countries such as Germany, Britain, Belgium, the United States and Chile. There are 15 flights of Cargolux Airlines International in a week; the freight volume accounts for more than a quarter of freight volume of Zhengzhou Airport. In June 2017, both sides have signed a series of strategic cooperation framework agreements such as the establishment of a joint venture cargo airline, convenient visa application business memorandum of understanding and exclusive cargo terminal strategic cooperation framework. Both sides continuously strengthen the cooperation in the fields of air transport, cross-border business, financial services, economic and trade exchanges, which lays a solid foundation for the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky".

(2) Strategic opportunity. On June 14, 2017, the President Xi Jinping met with Bettel - Luxembourg's Prime Minister and put forward the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky", which clarifies the construction point of "The Belt and Road" for Henan and points out the direction for the creation of core area of "Silk Road in the Sky". The construction of "the Belt and Road" is continuously carried forward, and the main body framework of "Six corridors six roads and multiple nations and ports" is constructed increasingly, especially the overall promotion of facilities connection of land, sea, air and network, which opens the new space for Henan Province to build an open cooperation platform and to explore the cooperation with European and American developed economies. New economy represented by the airport economy develops rapidly, which brings the demand for high-efficiency, high quality and high value-added products and services and provides a new kinetic energy for airport economy playing a leading role in Henan and for Henan participating in international cooperation capacity and upgrading industry transformation. The approval on the establishment of China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone) has clarified that the construction of modern three-dimensional traffic system and modern logistics system linking the north and the south, connecting the east and the west will be accelerated, and that the modern integrated transport hub for the construction of "the Belt and Road" will be built. This puts forward the new requirements for Henan to participate in the construction of "the Belt and Road"; Henan Province has the ability and conditions to serve for the country on a higher level.

(3) Great significance. Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" passes through the Europe and Asia, spreading all over the world, which plays an important support role in the construction of "the Belt and Road" and is of great significance to promote the inland areas to build new system of the open economy and to attract more countries to participate in the construction of the "Belt and Road" project and to create new pattern of all-round opening to the outside. The acceleration of the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" is the concrete practice of enhancing the awareness of "Four forms of consciousness" and implementing the General Secretary Xi Jinping's new ideas and new strategy in governing; it is the important support to enrich and extend the framework system of "the Belt and Road" and to promote the construction of "the Belt and Road" comprehensively and multidimensionally; it is the important exploration to innovatively participate in the "Belt and Road", to create special-advantage brand and to form the demonstration driving effect; it is the important embodiment of enhancing the function of logistics transportation for "the Belt and Road" and promoting the combination of local regional advantages and the national development strategy; it is a major move to promote Henan Province to speed up the opening to the outside world and to optimize industrial structure and to take part in the global economy system at a larger scope and a higher level.

II. Guiding ideology and development goal

(1) Guiding ideology. The spirit of 18th CPC National Congress and Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee should be comprehensively implemented; the important speeches and new ideas and strategy in governing of the General Secretary Xi Jinping should be deeply realized; the overall layout of "Five pronged strategy" and "Four Comprehensives" should be promoted as a whole; The new concept of development should be firmly set up and implemented, to highlight the prominent characteristics, strengthen the advantages and expand the influence; the implementation of Xi Jinping's direction to support the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" is taken as the central task of Henan Province to participate in the construction of "the Belt and Road", which should be closely connected with the national strategy of "Three zones and a group"; the Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Double hubs" is taken as the cooperation basis, to expand the hub-and-spoke airline network and to build the route network structure to connect the world important air hubs and major economies; the expansion of fields of cooperation should be strengthened, and the exchanges and cooperation around the policy communication, facilities connection, trade flow, financing and the understanding between people should be comprehensively strengthened; the service functions should be strengthened specially, to form the air economic corridor leading the central part, serving the whole country, connecting Europe and Asia and spreading all over the world and to build the important support for the construction of "the Belt and Road" and an important link of Henan for opening to the outside world; a peaceful, prosperous, open, innovative and civilized "Silk Road in the Sky" should be constructed and will play a bigger role in the construction of "the Belt and Road".

(2) Strategic layout. Based on the air network, the coverage area and areas of cooperation should be expanded and the development pattern of "Double hubs, multi-nodes & lines and wide coverage" should be built up. "Double hubs": the functions and the collection and transportation ability of Zhengzhou and Luxembourg as the hubs should be improved; a Asia-pacific distribution base centered in Zhengzhou and the European-American distribution base centered in Luxembourg should be constructed; "Multi-nodes", the international hub node cities should be taken as the point for economic and cultural exchanges, to form the multi-point support network framework based on Moscow, Leipzig, Chicago, Sydney and Addis Ababa; "Multi-lines": the "Double hubs" and main node cities will be relied to open up the routes and encryption flights and to build the several backbone air channels linking world's major hub airports; "Wide coverage": the multimodal transport is used to enhance radiation function of the hubs and nodes, to build the aviation network system covering the Asia Pacific region, connecting Europe and America, directing to Africa and Oceania and the efficient distribution system with air-land transport and air-to-air transit.

(3) Development goal.

1. Short-term goal. By 2020, the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" will make great achievements. The network framework is basically formed; breakthrough has been made in the key fields of cooperation. The cooperation mechanism of both sides is gradually improved.

The function of Zhengzhou international modern integrated transport hub is significantly improved. The four-port and multimodal transport system led by the airport economy zone has been basically formed. The freight volume of Zhengzhou Airport reached 1 million tons and the passenger traffic reached 30 million person times, including the international freight volume over 600,000 tons and the international passenger traffic over 3 million person times.

The airline network continues to expand. Zhengzhou Airport has added the flights to Europe, America and Australia and opened 35 all cargo international air routes, more than 30 international navigable cities. Cargolux Airlines International has doubled the routes, navigable points and weekly flights. The major cooperation projects have been built and put into service. The joint venture company has been put into operation. The exclusive working area and aircraft maintenance base have been built. Luxembourg flight visa center has carried out the business normally.

The characteristic airline industry develops rapidly. The country's major aviation logistics and cold chain logistics center will be built; the aircraft leasing business has formed the large scale; the high-end manufacturing through the air transport is gathered rapidly; the cross-border e-commerce forms a complete industry chain and ecosystem.

The cultural exchanges go forward more closely; the cooperation in the fields of culture, education and tourism is deepened. The number of people entry and exit in Zhengzhou Airport has been doubled. Zhengzhou and Luxembourg has become the important portals of China-Europe economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges.

2. Long-term goal. By 2025, Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" and the Airport Economy Zone will be built at the same time. Zhengzhou and Luxembourg will become the Asia-Pacific and European logistics distribution bases and will play a key role in supporting the construction of "the Belt and Road". Cargolux Airlines International and the joint venture cargo company have the air freight capacity of more than 1 million tons. The aviation maintenance, aircraft leasing, financial services, cross-border trade and other related industries will form the agglomeration development situation. Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" will become a global air economic corridor of leading the central area, serving the country, connecting Europe & Asia and spreading all over the world.

III. Main tasks

(1) Laying solid foundation and promoting the "double hub" function. The Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Double hubs" strategic cooperation should be deepened. The Zhengzhou International Modern Integrated Transport Hub should be constructed; Zhengzhou and Luxembourg hub connection should be promoted; the multimodal transport system should be built, to improve the function of the logistics hub to serve for the construction of "the Belt and Road".

1. Improving the function of modern aviation hub. The Strategic Planning of Zhengzhou International Airport Air Cargo Hub should be developed, to speed up the construction of Zhengzhou Airport Phase III. The north freight area and Cargolux Airlines International (and its member enterprises) exclusive area should be built. The Asia-Pacific distribution hub of Cargolux Airlines International should be created. The international capital strategic cooperation should be carried out to introduce the domestic and foreign well-known logistics integrators and freight enterprises. The merger and reorganization of international logistics integrators should be actively promoted. The Zone should explore the cooperation with international major hub airports to found the airport freight alliance and establish the international aviation logistics network.

2. Improving the multimodal transport system. The construction of convenient and smooth air-rail and land-air transport facilities should be accelerated around the establishment of effective collection and distribution system. Zhengzhou South Station and high-speed rail express logistics base should be built according to high-standard requirements; and meanwhile, the rail line from Zhengzhou South Station to Zhengzhou Airport should be constructed, to realize seamless connection between high-speed rail and airport. The Luxembourg strategic partners should be introduced; Zhengzhou truck-airline service mode should be innovated; the coverage of truck-airline should be expanded. The Cargolux Airlines International should be encouraged to participate in the multimodal transport system construction in Henan Province; the integrated multimodal transport intelligent which serves for multiple logistics channels, multiple operating modes and multiple trade forms should be built; the scale operation of Zhengzhou Airport multimodal transport center should be carried forward, to form the national distribution center of "Air-to-air + Air-to-land". The China-Europe (Zhengzhou) transport network and the hinterland range should be expanded. The running line should be expanded to Luxembourg; Luxembourg secondary operation station should be built; the air-to-rail and land-to-rail multimodal transport operations should be carried out between Luxembourg and Hamburg.

3. Promoting the connection of Zhengzhou-Luxemburg hubs The multimodal transport mode innovation and standard docking between both sides should be promoted; the construction of air-rail transportation logistics system should be implemented, to realize unified transportation box, unified security standard, unified operation and unified management system. The logistics information sharing should be promoted. The data docking between the cargo airlines & related freight enterprises and Zhengzhou Airport international multimodal transport logistics data transaction service platform should be realized, to achieve the trade facilitation of "A single order with global logistics service".

(2) Developing the layout and building international route network. Focusing on connecting the world important hub airports, the navigation points layout should be improved and the international cargo airlines flights should be encrypted. New intercontinental passenger routes should be opened, to form an international passenger and freight air network.

1. Developing the freight route network. More cargo airlines with strong capability of collection and distribution and wide coverage should be attracted to set up and encrypt the freight routes, to expand the scale of the whole cargo aircraft flight operations and to construct key aviation logistics channels. European direction: the routes to Leipzig, Cologne, Warsaw and Maastricht should be opened; American direction: the routes to Dallas, Miami, Halifax, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Cincinnati and San Diego should be opened; Asian direction: the routes to Bangkok, Tokyo, Hanoi and Abu Dhabi should be opened; Oceania direction: the routes to Sydney and Melbourne should be opened; African direction: the routes to Djibouti, Nairobi, Johannesburg and Addis Ababa should be opened.

2. Adding international passenger transport routes. The routes to Europe and America should be encrypted, and the routes to Moscow, Luxemburg and Los Angeles should be opened; the European and American developed economies should be covered; the route to Oceania such as the Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland should be opened and expanded to the south Pacific area; it should be connected to African passenger transport network, taking Dubai as transit point, connected to Cairo, Cape Town and other Africa's main airports. It should be linked with Asian routes; taking Incheon, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and other hubs as the main navigation points, the medium and short international airline network such as Japan and South Korea and southeast Asia as well as the regional lines such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; the key tourist routes to Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Bandar Seri Begawan should be opened.

3. Actively introducing and breeding base airlines. The Zone should accelerate the establishment of air cargo joint venture with Cargolux Airlines International, to improve the coverage of Cargolux Airlines International, joint venture and member enterprises in Zhengzhou Airport and to make Cargolux Airlines International become main cargo airline of Zhengzhou Airport. The establishment of local cargo airline should be accelerated. The transport capacity of China Southern Airlines Henan Branch should be increased; the West Air and Lucky Air and other domestic airlines should be introduced to set up bases in Zhengzhou, and the fleet size should be expanded.

(3) Strengthening the cooperation and cultivating characteristic aviation industry. The global resources and international and domestic markets should be used to promote the cluster development of high-end manufacturing industry and modern service industry; the aviation economic industry system based on the aviation logistics system and supported by airline related industries should be constructed. The Airport Economy Zone should be built into the pilot area of Zhengzhou-Luxemburg "Silk Road in the Sky", which will drive the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure of Henan Province.

1. Construction of aviation cold chain and express logistics base. Relying on the Zhengzhou Airport, port of meat import, fruit port and other platforms, the large European fresh cold chain integrators will be attracted to Zhengzhou; the construction of cold chain logistics base should be accelerated, and the scale of the cold fresh goods imported and exported through Zhengzhou Airport should be expanded; Zhengzhou cold chain products trading center and cold chain logistics distribution center should be created to cover the whole country and link the world. The high quality agricultural products processing, export and distribution should be developed, and the market share of our products in European market should be increased. The international brand image of agricultural products of Henan should be created. The air express transportation business should be vigorously carried out, and the Zone should actively promote the cooperation with large express companies. The allocation and transfer, warehousing and distribution, trade shows, information sharing and other ancillary services should be improved; the express logistics transit and distribution ability should be comprehensively improved. The National Air Express Distribution Center should be built in Zhengzhou.

2. Promoting the agglomeration of high-end manufacturing industries relying on aviation. The direction of high-end, intelligence, integration and green development should be highlighted. The Zone should actively undertake the European industrial transfer and should cooperate with Luxemburg and other European countries to establish the industrial innovation center. The new generation of intelligent terminals, precision machinery manufacturing, bio medicine, artificial intelligence, aircraft and parts manufacturing and such lightweight, high-value high-end manufacturing industries should be introduced, so as to build Zhengzhou into the headquarters base of European companies in the inland area and to drive Henan to participate in the global manufacturing supply chain and sales system.

3. Actively developing the aircraft leasing industry. The advantages of the Airport Economy Zone as part of the national strategic platform should be played; the fiscal support policies and customs clearance and other supporting conditions should be improved. A large number of leasing companies should be introduced and cultivated. The development of Avia (China) financial leasing and other aircraft leasing enterprises should be supported; the aircraft operating lease rents charged in foreign currency business should be actively carried out; the leasing corporate financing cost and the exchange rate risk should be reduced. The necessary resources should be collected to promote the development of aircraft leasing industry. The aviation leasing platform will be explored to be established in Luxemburg, Ireland and other places to develop international aviation leasing business.

4. Cultivating and developing aircraft maintenance industry. The domestic and foreign aviation maintenance enterprises should be actively introduced to guide the local equipment manufacturing and electronic & electrical enterprises to expand the business to the aviation manufacturing industry. The airborne equipment processing, aviation electronic equipment, airport equipment and aviation equipment maintenance industries should be focused, so as to promote the construction of aircraft maintenance base. The China Southern Airlines Henan Branch should be supported to promote the expansion of maintenance scale and scope. The aircraft maintenance joint venture of Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd. is to be built and put into operation. The first-class aviation maintenance complex in China should be built.

5. Construction of aviation training base. The aviation training, aviation business consulting and certification & assessment and other related services should be actively developed. The Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd. and Civil Aviation Flight University of China, the Cargolux Airlines International and Avia and other domestic and foreign strategic partners should be supported to build aviation training base in Henan Province and to carry out the flight, simulator, maintenance and flight training services, so as to train the aviation management personnel and professional technical personnel.

(4) Opening wider to the outside world and promoting economic and trade exchanges and cooperation. Relying on Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone, Airport Economy Zone and China (Zhengzhou) Cross-Border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone and other carrier platforms, the key economic and trade cooperation fields will be highlighted, to build the development pattern of "Excellence in and excellence out".

1. Carrying out first try of free trade. The Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone should strive to get the national support and make the institutional innovation and reform test in the aspects of traffic logistics integration, port platform construction, aviation services opening, multimodal transport demonstration, industrial system construction, investment and trade facilitation. The Airport Economy Zone should be encouraged to participate in the construction of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone, and it should be included in the implementation scope of the expansion of the Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone, forming a strategic overlay advantage. The international economic and trade cooperation industrial park should be planned and constructed. The China-Luxembourg Aviation Economic Cooperation Demonstration Zone will be built. The trade mode should be innovated; the modern service enterprises such as the European aviation services, information services, cross-border electricity providers, financial service enterprises should be actively introduced, which will become the model of cooperation between China and EU.

2. Developing cross-border e-commerce. Based on the China (Zhengzhou) Cross-Border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone, the well-known European brands, e-commerce platform enterprises and logistics integrators should be actively introduced, to develop the operation mode of "cross-border e-commerce supplier + airport + inland port + post service"; the two-way international exhibition and trade center and the overseas warehouse should be established; the two-way cross-border trade platform and integrated e-commerce operation center should be established. The business model of "Internet + all channels" should be innovated; the international marketing network and logistics system should be improved; the Zone should participate in the development of cross-border business rules and continue to promote the innovation of trade, supervision and service and optimize the production chain, supply chain, trade chain, value chain and spread the Zhengzhou cross-border e-commerce model and standard system to Europe; the China-Europerope cross-border e-commerce comprehensive industrial park should be planned and constructed, to form the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem covering production & manufacturing, platform marketing, financial credit insurance, warehousing logistics and comprehensive services.

3. Improving the port functions. The application of construction of drug import port should be accelerated, to achieve docking with the Luxemburg drug port operation system standard and mode of operation; a batch of functional ports such as the imported meat, fruit, fresh aquatic products, automobile and international postal mail transfer should be expanded the business scale of Luxemburg and other EU countries; the functions of Zhengzhou International Mail Transfer Port should be improved, and the international mail transfer center should be established, to strive to carry out international mail services for Germany and other major European countries; the formation of efficient functional port system of "1+N" and the new open port pattern covering the world's major economies should be accelerated.

4. Improving the customs clearance capacity. The port supervision should be innovated; the safe access and tax collection and administration should be relatively separated; the territorial management, pre-sale service and follow-up verification, information sharing and law enforcement cooperation should be provided; the unnecessary law enforcement operations in the port customs clearance field should be carried out in advance or backward; the port customs clearance on-site enforcement should be minimized. Relying on the electronic port public platform, the international trade "single window" with the international advanced level should be constructed; the enterprises can deal with all customs clearance procedures by "single window" one-stop service; the international trade facilitation should be further improved. The innovation of port inspection mechanism should be explored and the pilot comprehensive law enforcement of the port administrative department should be carried out; the port joint inspection unit should be driven to further simplify the process and improve customs clearance efficiency. The functions of the Comprehensive Bonded Zones such as the bonded processing, bonded distribution and bonded logistics should be improved; the international trade, commodity sales, maintenance, research and development, and settlement and other new business should be further developed; the port management departments such as the customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, taxation and foreign exchange management should be encouraged to share the data standard, information and coordinated supervision services.

(5) Promoting financing and strengthening the financial service. With the aid of Luxembourg International Financial Center, the Zone should strengthen cooperation with the EU financial sector and attract international financial institutions to set up branches in Henan and introduce large multinational companies to establish a financial center and settlement center in the Zone, building a supporting system for the international financial services.

1. Promoting financial business cooperation and innovation. The Zhengzhou-Luxembourg financial cooperation development platform and the communication mechanism should be established; the Zhengzhou-Luxembourg special financial exchanges should be regularly organized. The Zone should drive the cooperation with Luxembourg International Bank and other EU financial institutions to jointly set up the fund of "Silk Road in the Sky". The Zone should develop the cooperation with EU in the aspects of cross-border financial services e-commerce, cross-border securities brokerage, cross-border equity investment, export credit insurance, multimodal transport insurance and other business. A logistics financial center should be set up through efforts. The rental business should be vigorously developed; the Airport Economy Zone financing lease service platform should be established based on investigation and research. The innovation should be supported for bonded leasing, offshore leasing, export leasing and joint leasing. The financial leasing companies and financial leasing companies should be supported and introduced.

2. Deepening the opening up of financial services industry. The European commercial banks, insurance companies, securities and futures companies, investment funds and other financial institutions should be introduced; the foreign banking financial institutions should be attracted to set up branches in Henan; the support should be provided to set up Sino-foreign joint venture banks and joint stock companies. The eligible Chinese financial institutions should be encouraged to follow the strategy of "Going out" and should speed up the European network layout by virtue of Luxembourg EU single license system. The enterprises of Henan Province should be encouraged to make IPO and issue bonds in the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and NYSE Euronext. The securities, insurance, funds and other financial licenses should be given; the construction of the third party cross-border payment platform should be accelerated, which should be supported to become the domestic mainstream cross-border payment institution.

3. Actively developing offshore finance. The development of offshore financial business should be promoted in Henan Pilot Trade Zone; the offshore banking, offshore insurance, offshore securities futures and derivatives trading and other services should be gradually developed. The qualified enterprises should be supported to carry out two-way cross-border RMB financing through overseas loans and cross border loans. Local financial institutions and enterprises should be supported to carry out financing in Europe and issue RMB bonds and asset securitization products; the European Central Bank, sovereign wealth funds and investors should be attracted to invest in China's RMB assets.

(6) Communicating with the people and deepening the humanistic communication and cooperation. A platform for cooperation and exchanges should be built, to deepen exchanges and cooperation with Luxemburg and other European countries in tourism, culture, education, talent, science and technology and other fields. An important gateway for cultural exchanges between China and Europe should be established.

1. Carrying out visa facilitation business. The government should strengthen communication with the Embassy of Luxemburg, to promote the normalization of visa facilitation business and build up the Luxemburg Visa Center. The "Henan-Luxemburg Center" should be planned and constructed, and at the same time the "Henan-Luxemburg Exchange Center" should be constructed, to build two-way communication and cooperation platform.

2. Promoting mutually beneficial cooperation in tourism. Relying on direct passenger route from Zhengzhou to Luxemburg, the European tourist market should be vigorously explored, and the establishment of air travel alliance should be promoted. The Zone should strengthen cooperation with the trade associations and tourism enterprises in European countries, to build a Henan-Luxemburg two-way tourism platform. Organize Henan Tourism promotion activities of "China origin" and "China EU tourism year".

3. Promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation. Various forms of cultural exchanges between China and Europe should be actively carried out, such as the promotion of Shaolin, Taiji, oracle bone script and other traditional culture. The exhibition of cultural relics should be held by exchange. Henan Cultural Relics Exhibition can be held in Europe, to promote the introduction of exhibition of famous European cultural relics in Henan.

4. Promoting exchanges and cooperation in education and science and technology. The government should strengthen exchanges and education cooperation with Luxemburg and other European countries and promote exchanges and visits between teachers and students in universities, as well as the flow of talent resources in both areas. The colleges and universities of Henan Province should be encouraged to carry out the cooperative education activities with the universities of European and American countries. The foreign high quality educational resources should be introduced. The colleges and universities and the vocational colleges of Henan Province should implement the strategy of "Going out" relying on their own advantages and should steadily carry out overseas education and build overseas colleges, characteristic specialties and training institutions, to provide intellectual and technical support for "Silk Road in the Sky". The exchanges and cooperation between science and technology personnel in Henan and Luxemburg and other European countries should be strengthened; the European high level experts should be introduced to the fields of aviation logistics, modern finance and other fields and should build scientific and technological cooperation and exchange platform and jointly build laboratories and cooperation bases for science and technology.

IV. Cooperation mechanism

(1) Cooperation and co-construction mechanism. Both sides of China and Luxemburg will promote high-level exchanges of visits and jointly promote the implementation of relevant agreements and promote the construction of the "Silk Road in the Sky" getting more results in more fields and wider scope. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and the Civil Aviation Administration of China may provide the support. The regular consultation mechanism between Henan and Luxemburg should be established to coordinate and solve the problems in the process of work promotion.

(2) Cooperation mechanism of air rights. The agreement on the right of navigation between China and Luxemburg should be actively implemented, and the country should strengthen the support for Cargolux Airlines International in terms of the opening of the right of navigation, the opening of routes, and the quota of flights. The Cargolux Airlines International should be supported to fully use the fifth navigation rights and to further strive for the opening of more fifth navigation rights and add the flight points of Cargolux Airlines International to other countries via Zhengzhou.

(3) Customs clearance cooperation mechanism. The large clearance cooperation mechanism should be established to strengthen cooperation and exchange and promote the cross-border customs cooperation between Henan and Luxemburg and the European Union. The customs clearance process should be optimized; the area with the best customs clearance efficiency should be built in Zhengzhou. The convenient customs clearance cooperation mechanism of Zhengzhou-Luxemburg "Silk Road in the Sky" should be established and improved. The customs clearance inspection personnel security mechanism should be innovated to improve the "7x24 hours" reservation customs clearance level and gradually realize "7x24 hours" customs clearance. The country may support to carry out 72 hours transit visa exemption.

(4) Visa cooperation mechanism. The Luxemburg visa business process should be simplified and the cost of visa application should be reduced. The interview results should be announced on the spot; the one-stop visa service should be carried out, so as to provide convenience for the citizens to get multiple-entry visa for business communication, cultural tourism and visiting. The establishment of Luxemburg EU Schengen Visa Center in Zhengzhou should be promoted; the visa facilitation policies should be developed and implemented; the visa business scale and scope of operation should be extended to all EU countries.

(5) Project promotion mechanism. The project library of Zhengzhou-Luxemburg "Silk Road in the Sky" should be co-established; the related projects should be recommended to be included into the major projects library of "the Belt and Road"; the preferential policies of the foreign investment field in Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone should be provided for the enterprises. The introduction of large logistics integrators and leading projects should be encouraged, and the local enterprises should be supported to cooperate with the European companies with dominant technologies.

V. Organization and implementation

(1) Strengthening the organization advancement. The system to report and communicate with "the Belt and Road" construction work leading group office should be established. The provincial government should play a coordinating role in the construction of "The Belt and Road" work leading group; the guidance on the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxemburg "Silk Road in the Sky" should be strengthened. The provincial "The Belt and Road" Work Leading Group Office should establish the work linkage mechanism in conjunction with relevant units. The management committee of the Airport Economy Zone, Henan Airport Group and the Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd. as main body responsible unit should enhance the coordination and together promote the implementation of major matters specified in the plan.

(2) Strengthening the policy support. The relevant departments directly under the provincial party committee should cooperate closely and perfect the policy support system according to the goals and tasks. The communication with the national ministries and commissions should be strengthened; national support should be sought in the fields of routes opening, navigation opening, joint venture establishment, visa facilitation and talent introduction. The development environment should be continuously optimized; the planning and implementation of financial guarantee should be strengthened; the fund of the silk road and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank should strengthen the support and promote the cooperation between the government and social capital, to attract more social capital to participate in the construction of "Silk Road in the Sky".

(3) Promoting the planning and implementation. The Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky" construction scheme should be developed and advanced. All responsible units should specify the measures according to the plan and work plan, to establish working parameter and project cooperation library and to jointly promote the planning and implementation. The provincial "the Belt and Road" work leading group office should strengthen the tracking situation analysis and research on the implementation of the planning and do the inspection and supervision of key issues, as well timely reporting major issues.

(4) Strengthening the propaganda promotion. The television, newspaper, government website and mainstream media and other kinds of media resources should be used to vigorously propagandize the construction of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky". The foreign exchange channels should be broadened; the cooperation with overseas media should be strengthened; innovation thinking and proactive planning should be applied to nurture and build the cultural brand of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Silk Road in the Sky".