Highlight the Distinctive Features of Henan, Accelerate the Construction of the Free Trade Zone

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  People.cn.February 8(Xiao Yimu).“To deliver good performance in the business in a new era,we must recognize the development trend,comply with objective laws and keep our strategic focus first of all.”Henan Business Meeting 2017 was held in Zhengzhou on the morning of February 7.Centering on the new trends,problems and challenges facing the business development,Jiao Jinmiao,head of Henan Provincial Commerce Department analyzed and interpreted Henan’s commercial and economic situation in this year,making an overall arrangement for business.

  The meeting first made a summary of Henan’s business achievements in 2016.In 2016,facing complicated and grave situations,Henan’s business was generally in a good condition:the import-export volume made it to the top 10 nationwide for the first time;China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone was successfully applied to build;the Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area was successfully applied to build and progressed smoothly;cooperation with overseas partners stepped in a new horizon,and the e-commerce made substantial progress.The“13th Five-Year Plan”got off to a new start,providing strong support for the province-wide economic development.

  Remain committed to the underlying principle of making progress while keeping performance stable

  Jiao Jinmiao stressed that for Henan’s business this year,we should remain committed to the underlining principle of making progress while keeping performance stable.“To remain committed to the underlying principle,we should do the following:give central importance to improving the quality and returns of development;focus on supply-side structural reform;keep in mind the big picture of creating an open inland height;give priority to reform in key areas of business;advance the two strategies of the construction of Henan Free Trade Zone and Henan Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area;try the best to fulfil the tasks of maintaining stable growth,promoting reform,making structural adjustments,improving living standards,and guarding against risks in the business sector;Maintain stable and sound development of domestic and foreign trade as well as international economic cooperation;better serve the overall economic and social development across the province.”

  The meeting set the goals of Henan’s business in this year:total retail sales of consumer goods should increase by 11%;trade in goods should maintain stable and in services should increase by 12%;cross-border e-commerce turnover should grow by 25%;the quality of actually utilizing foreign capital should be improved,with the scale and level flat on a year ago;the actual external paid-in investment should increase by 7%;foreign contracted projects and foreign labor cooperation should realize an 8%growth in turnover;direct foreign investment should keep stable;e-commerce turnover should increase by 28%and online retail sales by more than 30%.

  Highlight Henan’s distinctive features in building the free trade zone

  On August 31,2016,minister of the Ministry of Commerce Gao Hucheng officially announced the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to establish pilot freed trade zones in 7 provinces and cities like Henan.It is imperative for Henan to carry out the requirements of the central government for speeding up the construction of modern three-dimensional transport and logistics systems that link the north and the south and connect the east and the west,and for focusing on the construction of a modern integrated transport hub for“the Belt and Road Initiative”.Since last September,Henan Provincial Commerce Department and Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone Office have made repeated modifications and improvements to the demarcation and the overall plan of the area based on the State’s arrangement and deployment before reporting to the Ministry of Commerce once again.

  Jiao Jinmiao stressed to give top priority to the construction of the pilot free trade zone and make a layout against the overall context of opening up,giving full play to Henan’s distinctive features and making it serve province-wide development.Besides,he also stressed to make plans to advance the construction with a higher position,further insight and broader vision by reference to the free trade zones of the highest standards and levels.“Now we are reporting to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for deliberation and approval according to the procedures,and it is expected to be issued and established for operation in the near future.”

  According to Jiao Jinmiao,greater freedom of trade and convenience of investment will be available to enterprises,large or small,domestic-funded or foreign-funded,and state-owned or private,in the free trade zone,which will inevitably attract lots of companies of the domestic and foreign 500 top enterprises and allow the people of innovation and entrepreneurship to get access to markets with greater convenience and lower cost,better encouraging people to start businesses and make innovations.“Once established and put into operation,the free trade zone will strive to attract 10,000 companies to settle in it in one year(including the existing enterprises in it).”

  In January,2016,Henan Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area was successfully approved,another“state-named”key development strategy implemented by the State in Henan.Over the year,cross-border e-commerce services has sprung vigorously up all over the province.More and more traditional foreign trade enterprises and manufacturing enterprises begin providing cross-border e-ecommerce services,export product variety and overseas markets constantly expanding.

  The thriving cross-border e-commerce promotes the transformation and upgrading of Henan’s foreign trade,drives the development of export industrial clusters,stimulates aviation economy and logistics and express delivery,and meets the demand of the people for quality life and personalized consumption.“This year,we will make all-around progress in construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones,and foster another 30 provincial-level cross-border e-commerce demonstration parks,10 provincial-level training and incubation bases,10 provincial-level public overseas warehouses,and 5 upgraded comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises,taking the level of overall development to the forefront of central-western China,”Jiao Jinmiao said.

  Encourage market business equities to register as independent legal entities in Henan

  Nowadays,investment promotion has seen major changes,walking into a stage of re-innovation advantages.For this,Jiao Jinmiao said to encourage and guide social capital to participate in establishment of industrial funds and open new channels for investment promotion and enterprise financing.“We will rise to the tough fight of corporatization to encourage and steer external market business entities to register as independent legal entities in Henan and carry out independent corporate operation.We will focus on introduction of corporations in such sectors as banking,logistics,e-commerce,building,and PPP.With these,we strive to trap the operating income,added value and tax revenue of enterprises in Henan.”

  Moreover,this year,Henan will see another three investment promotion conferences:the 11th China(Henan)International Fair for Investment&Trade,2017 China Green Companies Summit,and 2017 Henan-Hongkong and Macao Economic and Trade Exchange Activities.

  The 11th China(Henan)International Fair for Investment&Trade was to be held during March 29~31.It will be the largest activity on economic trade of the highest profile.To highlight internationalism,the fair will make Britain as another guest of honor and was to invite about 30,000 investors at home and abroad.

  “The CPC provincial committee and the provincial people's government attach great importance to the fair,requiring to making it a high-profile,distinctive,effective and great event on economic trade.Now the Organizing Committee Office has been set up.A mobilization meeting on investment promotion has been held.A number of top leaders of well-known associations and key enterprises have been visited and invited.The preparations about investor invitation,project negotiation,exhibitor invitation and exhibition organization have been in full swing,”Jiao Jinmiao said.

  Furthermore,Henan will hold the 2017 China Green Companies Summit of China Entrepreneur Club,which is of great significance for promoting the strategic cooperation between Henan and well-known enterprises at home and abroad and for increase the influence.