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  I.Implementation Area

  The State Council had formally approved the establishment of China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone on 31th August,2016.China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone covers an area of 119.77 square kilometers,including 73.17 square kilometers in Zhengzhou,19.94 square kilometers in Kaifeng and 26.66 square kilometers in Luoyang.

  II.Overview of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone

  (1)Strategic positioning

  Taking the institutional innovation as core and the adaptable and propagable approaches as basic requirements,advancing the building of a modern multimodal traffic and logistics network linking up the north and the south and connecting the east and the west,building Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone into a modern comprehensive transportation hub,an all-round reform and opening-up pilot area and an inland open economy demonstration zone to serve“The Belt and Road”initiative.

  (2)Development goal

  In 3-5 years,we will make great efforts to establish an innovative system meeting international general rules for investment and trade,shape a law-based,international,convenient business environment,and build a high-level and high-standard free trade zone which enjoys facilitated investment and trade,agglomerated high-end industries,convenient transportation and logistics,efficient supervision and remarkable radiation and driving effects,advancing the transformation and development of inland economy,as well as the building of new opening-up pattern in all aspects.

  (3)Location and layout

  Zhengzhou Area focuses on the development of modern manufacturing,such as intelligent terminal,advanced equipment,automobile making and bio-pharmaceuticals,and modern services,such as modern logistics,international business,cross-border e-commerce,modern finance,service outsourcing,creative design,commerce exhibition and cartoon&game.Meanwhile,Zhengzhou Area will push forward system and mechanism reform to promote the coordinated development of transportation and logistics and make investment and trade here more convenient,build an international multimodal transport and logistics center,and play its role of modern comprehensive transportation hub serving“the Belt and Road”Initiative;

  Kaifeng Area gives priority to the development of service outsourcing,medical tourism,creative design,cultural media,cultural finance,artwork trading and modern logistics.Meanwhile,Kaifeng Area will deepen the international cooperation and trade in equipment manufacturing and agricultural and sideline products processing,build a platform for international cultural trade and tourism,and create a service&trade innovation area and a cultural opening pilot area to promote the integrated development of international culture and tourism.

  Luoyang Area concentrates on the development of advanced manufacturing,such as equipment manufacturing,robots and new materials,and modern services,such as R&D and design,e-commerce,service outsourcing,international cultural tourism,cultural creativity,cultural trade and cultural presentation.Meanwhile,Luoyang Area will increase the abilities in transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing and in international capacity cooperation,build an international intelligent manufacturing demonstration area,and push forward the building of inheritance area of Huaxia(Chinese)Civilization.

  (4)Main pilot tasks and measures

  As for main tasks and measures,five aspects such as transformation of government functions,investment,trade,finance and transportation&logistics hub serving“the Belt and Road”Initiative are put forward.

  Firstly,speed up the transformation of government functions.Deepen the reform of the administrative system to streamline administration,delegate more powers,improve regulation,and provide better services;improve the market supervision mechanism,and promote the management focus from prior approval to operational and post-operational oversight over business.Increase the efficiency of administrative service,release the lists of all powers and responsibilities of administrative departments,and create law-based,international and convenient business environment.

  Secondly,deepen the opening in investment.Make better use of overseas investment,put into force across the board the management system for pre-establishment national treatment plus a negative list,and build the operational and post-operational oversight over business that are compatible with the negative list management.Further reduce or cancel the admission restriction on foreign investment to increase the openness and transparency.Build a platform for cooperation in foreign investment,reform the management mode of investment abroad,and support investment of enterprises in foreign countries.

  Thirdly,promote trade transformation and upgrading.Pursue the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade,advance the transformation and upgrading of trade modes,and shape a standardized and efficient trade facilitation environment.Improve the carrier of foreign trade development,create new trade modes and actively cultivate new forms and functions of business to form a new competitive advantage which takes technology,standard,brand,quality and service as the core.Create new supervision and management mechanism of customs clearance to improve the efficiency of customs clearance and inspection clearance and to avoid the quality and safety risks.

  Fourthly,deepen the opening and innovation in the finance.Enlarge the opening up in the finance both internally and externally,expand functions of financial service,promote the innovation of cross-border financing and investment,and establish and improve the financial risk prevention and control system.Learn from the experience of the existing free trade zones based on the development needs of cross-border e-commerce and multimodal transport.Place priority on the reform and innovation in the introduction of foreign financial institutions and expansion of cross-border investment and financing.

  Fifthly,enhance functions of the transportation&logistics hub serving“the Belt and Road”Initiative.Improve the transportation&logistics system,advance the development of multimodal transport,and carry out key procedures to serve“the Belt and Road”Initiative.Smooth the international transportation and logistics channels,improve the domestic land and air cluster network,pilot the multimodal transport,expand the openness of aviation service,promote economic innovation and development of inland ports,and promote the integrative development of international medical and tourism industry.Establish and improve the cooperation mechanism with key countries along the“the Belt and Road”routes,and create new strengths for cooperation and exchange.