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Henan to Function as the Transport Hub of “The Belt and Road”

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  As the third batch of 7 free trade zones were established simultaneously,the building of free trade zones nationwide shaped a“1+3+7”pattern.So far,the construction of China’s free trade zones has connected the east and west and the north and south and linked different regions,a new round of further across-the-board reform and opening up raising the curtain of deeper advance nationwide.

  Stressing the fulfilment of the requirements of the central government for speeding up the construction of modern three-dimensional transport and logistics systems that link the north and south and the east and west,Henan will make every effort to build a modern integrated transport hub serving“The Belt and Road”.

  Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone,whose scope is 119.77km2 in area,covers three areas:Zhengzhou Area,73.17km2(including Area A of Zhengzhou Export Processing Zone,Henan,which is 0.89km2,and Henan Bonded Logistics Center,which is 0.41km2),Kaifeng Area,19.94km2,and Luoyang Area,26.66km2.

  China’s main artery of communications between north and south and between east and west,Henan is of great military importance.As the gateway to the Eurasian Continental Bridge and the six provinces in Western China,Henan is an important pivot of strategic and transport significance.The State puts Henan in such a position,because the State hopes it play a role of a driver in the rise of central China and inland development by converting geographical advantages to the ones for economic growth.

  The three areas bring into play their respective advantages.

  Zhengzhou Area

  Zhengzhou Area will focus on the development of the advanced manufacturing sectors like intelligent terminals,high-end equipment and automobile making,and biological medicine and on the development of modern service sectors like modern logistics,international trade,cross-border e-commerce,modern finance,service outsourcing,creative design,commercial exhibitions,and animation and games.Zhengzhou Area will promote mechanism innovation in advancing the integrated development of transport and logistics and the facilitation of investment and trade and create an international logistics center of multimodal transport,playing the role of a modern integrated transport hub serving“The Belt and Road”.

  Kaifeng Area

  Kaifeng Area will focus on the development of service outsourcing,medical tourism,creative design,culture and media,cultural finance,art trade,modern logistics and other services.It will work to improve the capability of equipment manufacturing and agricultural and sideline product processing for international cooperation and trade,build a cooperation platform of international cultural trade and human tourism,and create an innovative development zone of service trade and a pilot zone for opening cultural and creative industries up,thus to promote the integrated development of international cultural tourism.

  Luoyang Area

  Luoyang Area will focus on the development of high-end manufacturing sectors like equipment manufacturing,robots,new materials,etc.,and the development of modern service sectors like research,development and design,e-commerce,service outsourcing,international cultural tourism,cultural creation,cultural trade,cultural exhibitions,etc.Luoyang Area will make efforts to improve the capability of the equipment manufacturing sector for transformation and upgrading and for international industrial-capacity cooperation and create an international model zone of intelligent manufacturing cooperation,thus to promote the development of the area carrying on the continuity of Chinese history and civilization.

  Focus on fostering two industrial clusters

  Henan will shape a 10+8 development system of emerging industrial clusters,in which clusters are subject to concentrated development,deep cross-border integration features and high-end industries take the lead in breakthroughs.

  There are 10 new branches emerging in the manufacturing sector,including the new generation of intelligent terminals,electronic core basic components,intelligent manufacturing equipment,new energy vehicles and smart cars,intelligent power and new-energy equipment,biological medicine,new nylon and chemical materials,high-end alloy materials,intelligent sensors and the Internet of Things,and energy saving and environmental protection.Giving priority to the development of new smartphones with intelligent perceptive and interactive functions and of new intelligent terminals oriented to network,intelligence,and integration,Henan is to become the world’s largest production base of new smartphones and the most important nationwide cluster of new intelligent terminals.

  There are 8 new branches rising in the service sector,including aviation and cold-chain logistics,emerging financial services,cloud computing and big data,service outsourcing,professional services,cross-border e-commerce and online retailing,genetic technology application and health services,and digital creation.Digital creative economy is a key industry in Henan’s emerging service industries and will be of great promise in the future.According to the opinions,digital creation should lay stress on the development of three respects:animation and games,digital contents,and innovative design.

  By 2020,the total scale of the 18 clusters of emerging industries will exceed 3 trillion yuan,among which the 2 clusters of the new generation of intelligent terminals,and energy saving and environmental protection will exceed 500 billion yuan;the 4 clusters of intelligent power and new energy equipment,biological medicine,high-end alloy materials,and emerging finance services will exceed 300 billion yuan;and the rest 12 clusters will average or exceed 100 billion yuan.

  Make common efforts to build a system for investment promotion at home and abroad with definite goals

  Henan’s first batch of investment promotion projects in 2017 has been recently made public.There are 950 projects in this batch,involving multiple sectors like infrastructure,modern services,high-tech services,cultural tourism,advanced manufacturing,agricultural and sideline product processing,advanced logistics,etc.

  Luoyang’s equipment manufacturing industry and intelligent robot industry and Zhengzhou’s automobile manufacturing industry and others will be confronted with competition with the rival of the world’s top 500 companies,a great driver for the transformation and upgrading of Henan’s existing industries.

  Free trade zones cannot do without market entities.Henan Free Trade Zone should foster and attract large platform companies,especially those who integrate the whole industry chain,to connect with logistics and e-commerce enterprises on the one hand and with customs clearance,inspection,and other authorities on the other.

  Henan will boost strategic efforts to build a hub system.Luxemburg,Hamburg,Warsaw and others have been Henan’s important overseas distribution centers of supply of goods.In the future,more European cities will join.Henan should encourage more enterprises to participate in building a hub system,setting up overseas warehouses.

  In terms of multimodal transport with neighboring regions and even with overseas channels,Henan will increase complementarity with overseas channels like East Asia.The supply of goods for China-Europe freight trains(Zhengzhou)now includes that from Japan,South Korea and others,who take a fancy for our convenient customs clearance and cost advantages.

  Henan will put more efforts in connection with Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei,Yangtze River Delta,Shandong Peninsula,Guanzhong-Tianshui economic zones to link the north and south,and the east and west,thus to gather much more market factors in Henan Free Trade Zone.

  Play a leading role in the transformation and development of inland economy

  The overall objective of Henan Free Trade Zone is to form an institutional innovation system engaging with the common rules of international investment and trade through three to five years of exploration into reform,creating a business environment featuring legalization,internationalization,and facilitation.The pilot free trade zone will strive to build itself to be a high-standard free trade park,advancing the creation of a new all-facet opening-up pattern.

  Under the new industrial situation,the hotspot of regional development trends to return to inland areas.With the development of new models of industries like cross-border e-commerce,international aviation hubs,international logistics,etc.,Henan has its development position changed indeed and will have brand-new development opportunities the history brings about.