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Henan Province copies and promotes 19 reform items of the free trade zone

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  On November 27,the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial People's Government that Henan will copy and promote 19 reform items of the free trade zones of Shanghai,Guangdong,Tianjin and Fuzhou.

  It is known that over 1 year since the operation of expanded area of China(Guangdong)Free Trade Zone,China(Tianjin)Free Trade Zone,China(Fujian)Free Trade Zone and China(Shanghai)Free Trade Zone,taking system innovation as the core,the bold exploration has been made on the investment,trade and finance and the supervision in and after the process through the decentralization,combination of simplifying and administration and service optimization,to form a new wave of reform innovation.

  According to the Notice of the State Council about the Copy and Promotion of A New Batch of Pilot Experience in the Free Trade Zone,a new batch of pilot reform experience in the free trade zone that can be copied and promoted will be introduced nationwide.The content copied and promoted in Henan Province includes the 12 reform items copied and promoted in Henan and 7 reform items copied and promoted in areas under special customs supervision.

  In accordance with the requirements,the items copied and promoted in Henan Province include"the establishment and change approval reform of the enterprises with foreign investment beyond the negative list","Online application of tax control invoice","Simple enterprise cancellation","Boosting the single window free reporting mechanism relying on the electronic port public platform single window for international trade","International customs certified operators(AEO)mutual recognition system","Outbound processing regulation","Enterprise coordinator system","Visa management reform and innovation of origin","International ships quarantine supervision","System exempt from low risk animal and plant quarantine certificate","The introduction of intermediary institutions for bonded verification,cancellation after verification and enterprise inspection","Customs enterprise import and export credit information publicity system."The reform items copied and promoted in Zhengzhou Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Area,Zone A and Zone B of Zhengzhou export processing area,Henan Bonded Logistics Center and the areas under special customs supervision include"New mode of entry maintenance products regulation","Once filing for multiple uses","Entrusting processing regulation","Supervision of the warehoused goods according to the status classification","The spot bonded transaction of commodities","Bonded goods line regulation,pre-inspection and registration verification management mode","Bonded goods flow supervision and regulation in areas under special customs supervision".

  Previously,Henan Province has copied and promoted 12 customs supervision systems and 8 inspection and quarantine supervision systems of Shanghai Free Trade Zone,which laid a good foundation for construction of China(Henan)Free Trade Zone.The 19 reform items copied and promoted aim to gradually build the new system and new mode adaptive to the open economy development in Henan Province,continuously to release the reform bonuses and to strengthen the development of new kinetic energy and to expand the development of new space.(Reporter Luan Shan)