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Comprehensive efforts are made to promote trade facilitation of Henan Free Trade Zone

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  Trade facilitation involves the links such as port efficiency,customs environment,institutional environment and e-commerce.To enhance the level of trade facilitation,free trade zones of Shanghai,Tianjin,Guangdong and Fujian have made positive innovation to obtain obvious results.Henan Free Trade Zone should fully learn from the experience and practice,to enhance the level of trade facilitation based on the location advantages of Henan and to build the Henan Free Trade Zone into an inland open highland and the mainland core hub of the national strategy of the Belt and Road.

  Improving the port efficiency

  The simplification of customs clearance formalities and the reduction of trade cost can be applied to improve the efficiency of big customs clearance.The so-called"big customs clearance"refers to the process of loading and unloading operation,agency services and port inspection from the import and export goods to the departure.To improve the big customs clearance efficiency,the free trade zone shall establish the management service mode of"Single window"for international trade,and the customs clearance of independent tax declaration,automated customs,self-help approval and key review should be implemented;the international air express mail and Taiwan,Hong Kong and Macau transit consolidation operations are allowed in the free trade zone;The system of foreign certification and mutual recognition of related business should be tried out,to implement"Once certification and once inspection for multiple applications";the foreign certification institutions should be moderately to enter the free trade zone to issue certification;compared with the domestic certification institutions,inspection institutions and laboratories,the same treatment should be given to the foreign certification institutions,inspection institutions and laboratories set up by the foreign service providers in mainland China;the agricultural products,aquatic products,food and flowers nursery stock and other products imported from the overseas into the free trade zone should be treated with quick inspection and quarantine;the country of origin product visa management should be reformed and strengthened,to facilitate the certificate application and to strengthen the supervision in and after the process;the eligible opening-up ports should be supported to implement 72-hours transit visa-free policy on the people of the specified countries.

  Optimizing the customs environment

  The customs environment mainly relates to a country's tax cost and customs transparency.The good customs environment means that the entry and exit formalities can be simplified for the people,so as to improve customs clearance efficiency.In terms of optimizing the customs environment,the tax policy tried by other free trade zones can be applied in Henan Free Trade Zone.The selective tariff policy should be applied to the goods produced,processed and sold in by the enterprises under special customs supervision;other import and export tax policies of promoting trade can be tried in the pilot areas under special customs supervision within the free trade zone;considering the implementation of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and based on the overall evaluation of policy,the starting-point pilot tax rebate policy should be researched and implemented;the eligible region may apply for the implementation of foreign tourists shopping departure tax rebate policy according to the regulations.

  The institutional environment construction

  By reference to the system construction experience of Shanghai,Tianjin and other pilot areas,the innovation on foreign trade and investment supervision system within the free trade zone should be made;the new system and policy of promoting new trade forms and trade products should be developed,to form the mutual promotion mechanism of domestic and international trade.

  In terms of the regulatory system innovation,the areas in the free trade zone under special customs supervision can draw lessons from Shanghai model,to implement the customs supervision service of"Front-line release","Second-line safety and efficiency control"and to actively promote the integrated optimization of reform measures in the area under special customs supervision.On the premise of ensuring effective supervision,the classified regulation of goods implementation status in the area under special customs supervision should be explored and established.At the same time,the effective mechanism of protecting the intellectual property rights and cracking down on piracy and counterfeit goods should be established,to ensure"no counterfeit goods within the free trade zone"and to guarantee the healthy and orderly development of foreign trade.

  Promoting the system innovation in new trade modes and products.The pilot auto parallel import should be supported.The parallel imported auto should be in conformity with national quality safety standards.The importers should undertake after-sales service,recall and warranty service and should give the consumption risk warning to the consumer.The establishment of green supply chain management system of Henan Free Trade Zone should be explored and the implementation of green trade should be encouraged.The foreign trade facilitation measures of green agricultural products,aquatic products,food and flowers nursery stock and other products should be researched,to try out the fast inspection and quarantine.The approval procedures of health food products,cosmetics,medical equipment,medicines and other daily necessities imported from the foreign countries should be further researched and optimized.

  The enterprises in the free trade zone should be encouraged to carry out international and domestic trade and to form mutual promotion mechanism of internal and foreign trade.On the premise of ensuring effective supervision,the internal trade formalities of the products under special customs supervision in the free trade zone should be simplified,to facilitate the domestic trade facilitation.The policy to support and cultivate the comprehensive service of foreign trade enterprises should be developed,to provide customs clearance,financing,tax rebates and international settlement for small and medium enterprises.The market concentration and radiation in north China region and the western area should be strengthened,to carry out the spot trading of commodities and the international trade.The international commodity distribution center,information center and price formation center should be explored and established.

  Electronic commerce platform construction and cooperation

  The development of the cross-border e-commerce platform can greatly promote the trade facilitation.The e-commerce enterprises develop the trade through the electronic invoice,bill of lading and electronic contract,to improve the efficiency of information transmission,to solve the problem of information asymmetry in the process of trading and to reduce trade risks and the threshold of the domestic enterprises to enter the international trade market.Based on the experience of the Ningbo Bonded Area,Henan Free Trade Zone can look for the strong electrical business partners to set up the cross-border e-commerce platform and to make the free trade zone as the main logistics hub of cross-border electric business platform,to solve the problems of cross-border capital settlement,cross-border logistics and other supply chain related constraints and to provide positive trading environment for foreign companies and domestic consumers.

  (The author is an associate professor of Henan University of Economics and Law)