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Weng Jieming: to make bold exploration on the system innovation breakthrough and to promote the linkage development of Zhengzhou Area and Kaifeng Area of Free Trade Zone

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  During the investigation in Kaifeng Area of Henan Free Trade Zone,the Executive Vice Governor of Henan Province Weng Jieming stressed that:to make bold exploration on the system innovation breakthrough and to promote the linkage development of Zhengzhou Area and Kaifeng Area of Free Trade Zone

  On June 26,Weng Jieming,the Member of Standing Committee of the Henan CPC Committee and the Executive Vice Governor of Henan Province,and other comrades of the provincial institutional preparation committee office,development and reform commission,financial department,housing and urban-rural department,transport department and the administration for industry and commerce came to Kaifeng,to make investigation and research on the construction of pilot free trade zone and the integrated development of Zhengzhou-Kaifeng industries.The Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Ji Bingwei,the Mayor Hou Hong,the Standing Member of Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor Qin Baojiang,the director of the urban and rural integration management committee Xu Qiang,the secretary-general of municipal government Shen Jianli participated in the research activities.

  In the Kaifeng Area Comprehensive Service Center of Henan Free Trade Zone,Weng Jieming listened to the commercial system reform of"22 certificates in one"and"Four aspects"administration and service simplifying Innovation of Kaifeng Area and carried out the reporting of enterprise investment project pilot,and communicated with the staff of comprehensive window,to learn more about the future development points of Kaifeng Area.

  Weng Jieming highly praised the re-innovation after the institutional innovation of"22 certificates in one","joint approval processing of 48 certificates"and pointed out that:"Kaifeng Area early launched the innovation of'22 certificates in one'and'joint approval processing of 48 certificates',which became the reform measures promoted to the province and was praised by the Premier Li Keqiang.The provincial government has put some important innovation pilot in Kaifeng Area,because Kaifeng Area has a very solid experience in system innovation and the software system support.Kaifeng Area has not disappointed the provincial government and has gotten some experience in the enterprise investment project commitment pilot and the supervision in and after the process,which is effective exploration for the province to deepen the reform of"Administration and service simplifying".

  After"22 certificates in one"called out the whole country,Kaifeng Area has further promoted the reform of the Administration and service simplifying and speeded up the pace in the supervision in and after the process and the enterprise investment project commitment system innovation,striving to create the Kaifeng experience.The innovation of the supervision in and after the process created"The platform of the supervision in and after the process".Via the two parallel lines of"Market entity supervision"and"Project commitment system regulation",the six initiatives of"Three pairs and three connections"and the accurate regulation of"1234",systematically to solve the problem of"Managing well".The enterprise investment project commitment system is to drive the"Simplification"by"Managing well"and to highlight the"Strict supervision".6 items of advancement measures are launched systematically,namely 1 qr code"Zero run"service,two combinations,detailing of 10 commitment standards,clarification of 62 risk points,four key-node joint supervision as well as the supervision in and after the process of"1234",to ensure that the enterprise investment project commitment system effectively implemented.

  Weng Jieming stressed that in the next step,Kaifeng Area should make bold try and innovation according to the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and should continuously get the experience to be copied and promoted in the aspects of the change of government function and the investment facilitation,especially in the enterprise investment project pilot work carried out recently,and that Kaifeng Area should learn from foreign advanced experience to do a good job in the pilot work and to form and promote the Kaifeng experience;the innovative ideas should be made to actively explore the linkage development mechanism of free trade zone,to build the Zhengzhou-Kaifeng free trade linkage belt and to realize information sharing and industrial dislocation development.The four industrial belts of the free trade linkage belt,Kaifeng-Airport Economic Zone,Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Innovative Undertaking Corridor and the cultural tourism economic belt should be taken as the main carrier and the breakthrough point,to push the Zhengzhou-Kaifeng integrated development.The development of characteristic industries should be accelerated,and the cultural innovation industry should be developed around the functional orientation of Kaifeng Area specified by the government,to form the characteristic industry of Kaifeng Area and build the first region of cultural innovation industry opening up to the outside.At the same time,Kaifeng should be supported to the apply for the establishment of customs,inspection and quarantine institutions and the comprehensive bonded area to the relevant national and provincial departments,so as to make up for the shortcomings of opening up.