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Henan's largest micro-finance company is established in Kaifeng Area of Henan Free Trade Zone

Article Kaifeng   Time:2017/11/21 18:05:01 【Size:B M SPrint Kaifeng News(Cui Xueqing,Zhang Guolei,Lei Kejun)On June 28,Henan Zhongyuan Micro-finance Co., registered for establishment in comprehensive service center of Kaifeng Area of Henan Free Trade Zone.Henan Zhongyuan Micro-finance Co., held by a wholly owned subsidiary of Central China Securities-Zhongzhou Blue Ocean Investment Management Co.,Ltd.Central China Securities is one of the Chinese companies listed both in A shares of China and Hong Kong Stock Exchange.With the registered capital of RMB 1 billion Yuan,the Zhongyuan Micro-finance Co.,Ltd.the province's largest microfinance company.

  With the establishment of the third batch of free trade zones of China,Shenzhen Huilian Information Technology Co.,Ltd.was attracted by the open preferential policies and a healthy business environment of Kaifeng Area and decided to move into Kaifeng Area through the cooperation with three enterprises in central plains like Zhongzhou Blue Ocean Investment Management Co.,Ltd.

  After the official of the administration for industry and commerce of Kaifeng Area Comprehensive Service Center knew this information,the"Airborne type registration"was provided in advance and the"Green channel"was opened up,to assign a special person responsible for the business and the coordination with Shenzhen market supervision and administration on the file hand-over.At the same time,an expert team was assigned to support all the way in the process of enterprise to deal with the business;after the enterprise got the approval from the provincial finance office,the official accelerated the approval and issued a business license on the spot for the enterprise.

  The industrial and commercial window of Kaifeng Area Comprehensive Service Center actively releases preferential policies of the free trade zone and gives full play to the siphon effect of the free trade zone,to strengthen the market access mechanism innovation and to vigorously support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises with stronger sense of service and a higher sense of responsibility and sense of mission,so as to accelerate the fast development of Kaifeng economy in the speedway of free trade zone.