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The implementation of "the Belt and Road" project adds luster for the construction of Henan Free Trade Zone

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  Yesterday,Wang Zhang,the Chairman of the Zhengzhou CPPCC,led research group to make special investigation on Zhengzhou import food designated port and the construction of"the Belt and Road"projects.Vice Mayor Huang Qing,Vice Chairman of Zhengzhou CPPCC Li Yuhui and General Secretary Chen Songlin attended the investigation.

  The research group came to Xinzheng and successively visited the slaughter center of Chuying Agro-Pastoral Group,imported meat recording storehouse and grain port inspection point of Zhengzhou Grain and Oil Food Intelligent Park.The group listened to the work report of the relevant department and learnt about the construction of Zhengzhou import grain port and the implementation of"the Belt and Road"project.

  Zhengzhou Grain and Oil Food Intelligent Park(including Zhengzhou import food designated port)is an important project for the construction of"the Belt and Road"in Zhengzhou.The project construction began in the second half of this year,and 100 enterprises are expected to settle here after the completion of construction;thousands of new jobs will be provided,and the annual business income is expected to reach 2 billion Yuan.Zhengzhou is an important node city for the development strategy of"the Belt and Road Initiative";after the operation of the designated grain import port,the gathering of business flow,logistics,cash flow and information will be implemented,which is a good addition to the Henan Free Trade Zone.

  In the following meeting held,Wang Zhang said that,there are good ideas,planning,situation and foundation for the Zhengzhou Grain and Oil Food Intelligent Park,and the project experience is worth learning.The experience should be timely summarized and the problem consciousness should be established;the problems such as the brand,ecology and product promotion should be solved well,to promote the expansion of projects and to make greater contribution to building Zhengzhou into a national center city.Huang Qing pointed out that the relevant functional departments should attach great importance to the construction of Zhengzhou Grain and Oil Food Intelligent Park and should implement policies and measures properly,to build the Zhengzhou designated food import port to be put in service,to boost the connection of Henan grain industry with international industrial chain and to accelerate the participation of Henan in the national construction of"the Belt and Road Initiative".