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Kaifeng Area of Henan Free Trade Zone: reducing the red tape drives the simplification of approval

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  "22 certificates in one and joint approval processing of 48 certificates".In more than two months since the establishment of Kaifeng Area of Henan Free Trade Zone,based on reducing the red tape to drive the simplification of approval and"22 certificates in one and joint approval processing of 48 certificates",the new model of"One-department collection,one-window acceptance,internal circulation,synchronous approval and unified issue of multiple certificates should be applied.

  A few days ago,Henan Province held the reform work promotion meeting of full implementation of"22 certificates in one",to promote Kaifeng Area experience and to fully implement the"22 certificates in one”in Henan Free Trade Zone.

  In recent years,Kaifeng Area has continued to promote the reform of"Administration and service simplifying",continuously to release the dividend policy for the market.In May 2015,Kaifeng Area took the lead in implementing"Three certificates in one"in Henan Province;in October 2016,the"Five certificates in one"was fully implemented,which shortens the time for processing to 5 days from 20days;based on"Five certificates in one",17 license registration and filing information issued by other 10 departments are effectively integrated through the e-government service platform,finally to realize the"22 certificates in one".At the same time,Kaifeng Area will integrate 48 administrative licenses and other 200 administrative approvals and administrative services into a unified government affairs service platform,to implement the connectivity and exchange and to realize"Joint application of 48 certificates".

  Evergrande Group set up Kaifeng Evergrande Child World Tourism Development Co., Kaifeng,needing to deal with the enterprise investment project filing,a foreign trade operator filing,renewable resources recovery business operator filing,art business unit filing and many other issues,which may be completed after two months according to regular procedure.After"22 certificate in one"and with the innovative approval process,the business license can be obtained after two days."22 certificates in one"brings great convenience to the enterprises."said the company official.

  Previously,22 items for the"22 certificates in one"were approved in order and needed nearly one hundred pieces of application materials;the ID card was submitted for more than 10 times.After the innovation,the materials to be submitted are reduced by 70%and the ID card is only to be submitted for once and the number of the acceptance window is reduced to 1.The time for whole process is shortened to 10 working days from at least 50 working days.

  Kaifeng Area also realizes the online application,online acceptance,online approval,online licensing,online publicity of the enterprise registration,which removes the disadvantages of various certificates and licenses,complex procedure and process cumbersome in the administrative approval and makes the enterprise to save a lot of time,manpower and expenses.

  "To continuously optimize,strengthen and improve the reform of'Administration and service simplifying',to strengthen the supervision in and after the process,to enhance the convenience degree,and to create a good service environment for the enterprise's growth,and to intensify the enterprise's feeling and sense of belonging."said the Director of Henan Provincial Party Committee.(Ren Shengli)

  From:People's Daily