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Single Largest Amount of Tax of Kaifeng Area Levied in Henan Free Trade Zone

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  On June 15,the tax of 97.5933 million Yuan paid by an enterprise of Kaifeng Area of Henan Free Trade Zone was successfully levied by the administration of taxation.It is the single largest amount of tax received by the municipal taxation administration and is also the largest one in the three areas of Henan Free Trade Zone.

  Gao Hongjian,head of the comprehensive service window of taxation of Kaifeng Area of Henan Free Trade Zone,said that the tax includes value added tax of 42.3405 million Yuan,urban construction tax and additional tax of 5.0809 million Yuan.

  The tax was successfully levied and received by the taxation administration,which is a successful case of the comprehensive tax processing of"Integration of three networks"in Kaifeng Area,the reflection of free trade zone to make system innovation,to improve efficiency and to provide convenience for the enterprises and also the result of the taxation department to track and serve the enterprises.Kaifeng Area of Henan Free Trade Zone explores and implements a series of innovation measures such as the chain service of"Four aspects"and"22 certificates in one and joint approval processing of 48 certificates"in the aspect of administrative approval reform to provide superior environment for the investment and entrepreneurship.In the specific service,the municipal taxation administration inquires the enterprise entry information relying on the tax management system and tax analysis monitoring system,to find the search leads and to implement the project tracking management.The comprehensive tax service model of"Integrated of three networks"is first established in China free trade zone,to further optimize the comprehensive taxation environment and to adhere to provide"Personalized tax service".The green channel is opened and the tax service time and tax costs are reduced,so as to really provide the convenience for the people and enterprises,which are welcomed by the taxpayers.