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Henan: More Than 800 Representatives Attended the Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference

Article Zhengzhou   Time:2017/11/21 17:54:50 【Size:B M SPrint Zhengzhou.July 28(Han Xu).On the morning of July 28,the Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference Opening Ceremony and Summit was held at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre.Governor of Henan Province Chen Run’er attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.A member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and executive vice governor,Wong Jieming was present at the conference and gave a talk on relevant consensus of the global cross-border e-commerce conference.A member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and secretary of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee,Ma Yi presided over the conference,and a total of more than 800 representatives from government departments,various organizations,enterprises,etc.attended the conference.

  Chen Run’er said in his speech that cross-border e-commerce has been a new driver of fostering economic growth in the new normal and an important way to innovate new models of national trade.Henan has conditions,advantages and opportunities to develop cross-border e-commerce.

  Chen Run’er also introduced that the trade volume of Henan’s cross-border e-commerce in 2016 reached 76.75 billion yuan,which more than doubled over the previous year.The trade volume of Henan’s cross-border e-commerce in the first half of this year was close to 50 billion yuan,which continued to maintain a strong momentum of rapid growth.Next,Henan will speed up opening-up and innovation,better support service systems,improve comprehensive service levels,and focus on pushing Henan’s cross-border e-commerce to a new level.Meanwhile,Henan sincerely hopes more cross-border e-commerce leading enterprises accelerate their strategic layouts in Henan to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

  After the opening ceremony,Long Yongtu,a co-chairman of the Global CEO Conference and chairman of the Global Cross-border E-Commerce Conference,Luc Decker,consul general of Luxembourg in Shanghai,and senior managers of well-known enterprises at home and abroad engaged in cross-border e-commerce platforms,supply chains,logistics like Amazon,Ebay,Alibaba,etc.,delivered many keynote speeches on the current situation and problems of cross-border e-commerce development.

  On the afternoon of July 28,the conference held dialogues on the“Opportunities and Challenges in Face of Global Cross-border E-commerce”,logistics for“The Belt and Road”and“Simplified Customs Clearance Procedures”,and the Innovative Development Forum of Global Cross-border E-commerce as well.

  It is learned that the conference aims to probe into new development trends,and the trade regime and rule system of global cross-border e-commerce,speed up the transformation and upgrading of Henan’s foreign trade,build a new open economic system and boost the development of cross-border e-commerce nationwide.(The End)