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Wang Jian: Personnel Training Is the Key Factor Deciding the Development of Henan’s Cross-Border E-Commerce in the End

Article   Time:2017/11/21 17:51:49 【Size:B M SPrint Chuanpeng;intern:Gao Zhen,Zhou Yingying)On July 28,at the 1st Global Cross-Border E-commerce Conference in Henan,director of APEC-ECBA Expert Committee,a professor of the University of International Business and Economics,and distinguished expert of Henan Cross-border E-commerce Institute,Wang Jian said that many people think of cross-border e-commerce as online retailing.In fact,it should be understood as the part of the Internet and e-commerce that has a substantial impact on global trade or foreign trade.Populous,Henan is a very important province all over China,in terms of geographical position,population structure,and industry.The cross-border e-commerce conference opened a new page for the development of Henan’s cross-border e-commerce.

  “Now global trade shows a trend towards the known inclusive trade,which mainly results from easy access to global trade due to e-commerce and the Internet,”said Wang Jian.If you are a regular exporter before,you can probably sell your products around the world as long as your products are distinctive and can attract consumers all over the world.The distance between a manufacturer and customers is shortened,which is favorable to help a manufacturer rapidly build its own brand on the Internet.

  “We have been carrying out research on cross-border e-commerce these years.In particular,we have been introducing China’s experience of cross-border e-commerce to foreign countries.Thus,UN reports,the German government’s reports,and reports we were entrusted to make,all introduced China’s e-commerce,because the whole world is interested in China’s cross-border e-commerce and because China boasts the largest scale of manufacturing and consumption worldwide after all,”Wang Jian said.We should start our work from two aspects.First,we should sum up the practice of enterprises and put it into reports.The reports should be then turned into teaching material for colleges and universities,where more qualified personnel should be trained for enterprises.Thus,we hope our research can benefit much more enterprises.Meanwhile,we hope populous provinces like Henan focus on training of qualifies personnel of cross-border e-commerce,because in the new era,qualified personnel,after all,is the key factor that ultimately decides whether cross-border e-commerce can gain growth.