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With New Drivers, New Models, and New Opportunities, Guests and Merchants Jointly Devise Plans for Development of Cross-border E-commerce

Article From:The Henan Daily   Time:2017/11/21 17:50:41 【Size:B M SPrint
  On July 28,thousands of biggies from different sectors gather at the Global Cross-Border E-commerce Conference.

  On July 28,the exhibition of the Global Cross-Border E-commerce Conference takes place at Zhongdameng Bonded Commodity O2O Shopping Center,Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone(photographed by our correspondents Shi Changlai and Deng Fang).

  On July 28,the Global Cross-Border E-commerce Conference&Summit was held at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.More than 1,100 guests and merchants from at home and abroad gathered here,seeking plans for the development of cross-border e-commerce and sharing opportunities for opening-up and cooperation.

  With the extensive application of Internet technology and the upgrading of consumption structure,production flexibility,customized consumption,and networked circulation is coming into fashion.The guests present at the conference believe that cross-border e-commerce revolutionized the trading ideas and spending patterns of conventional commodity trade,not only becoming new drivers of economic growth,but also bringing about tremendous changes to the world trade pattern.

  Deputy Commissioner of the General Administration of Customs,Li Guo said in his speech that in these years,the trade volume of E-Commerce has grown by an average of more than 30%a year,bringing about a flood of cross-border e-commerce companies like Alibaba,JDcom,NetEase Kaola,etc.,and fostering new drivers of development.The development of cross-border e-commerce promotes the growth of new economy and new forms of business,and advances innovation-driven development.Centering on cross-border e-commerce,vast new economic chains emerge in payment,warehousing,express delivery,information networks,and other fields,giving a push to the transformation and upgrading of domestic industries and creating a series of economic growth points.Meanwhile,some conventional industries glow with new vigor through technological innovation and model innovation.

  The Third-Party Operation General Manager of International Core Business Unit,Alibaba Group,Huang Hui thought that with the fragmentation of trade,personal demands of customers will rise.Considerable changes have taken place in China’s B2B trade.Convectional exhibitions,yellow pages,customs clearance providing back-end services,foreign exchange logistics and other services will face upgrading and transformation.However,new opportunities will be brought about in relevant industrial chains.

  eBay Great China’s General Manager of Government Relations Wang Xiaozhong placed heavy emphasis on consumption upgrading in the era of cross-border e-commerce:the opportunity facing the products“Made in China”is that they will be so innovative to be sold out to the whole world just through cross-border e-commerce platforms so long as the quality and price are attractive.This is the biggest opportunity e-commerce has brought about.

  Ebrun President Zheng Min thought global trade was evolving into global consumption.Although cross-border e-commerce maintains an about 30%growth,the category backing up the growth has somewhat changed.As far as China is concerned,the original categories backing up the rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce are mainly low-quality and low-price,even consumable products.However,the new trend nowadays is that quality upgrading promotes the growth of cross-border e-commerce.It can be seen from this process that cross-border e-commerce has opened up the channel for transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing.

  New Nork Topology Capital’s co-founder Zhou Zheng told the reporter at the Summit that Topology Capital is optimistic about the potential of Henan’s cross-border e-commerce,for Henan’s agricultural and sideline products are being sold well in the USA.Zhou Zheng suggested that to export products made in Henan,emphasis should be placed on the localization of foreign countries.For example,Henan’s products that meet the consumer demand of American people can be sold to American consumers according the customs of Americans.

  At the scene of the Summit that day,the reporter strongly felt that technological innovations bring us infinite space and imagination.China’s cross-border e-commerce now enjoys first-mover advantages worldwide.Furthermore,upon completing upgrading and quality improvement,there will be bigger opportunities.Henan,a key province of manufacturing,should better seize the opportunity to give full play to the strategic overlaying advantages of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone and Henan Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area.(Zhao Zhenjie,a reporter of the Henan Daily)