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“Eight Departures and Seven Arrivals” Every Week, the Frequency of the China-Europe Freight Train (Zhengzhou) Increases More

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  Henan Daily.November 2.The China-Europe Freight Train(Zhengzhou)gains another increase in its frequency.At 18:40 on November 1,with a whistle,the China-Europe Freight Train(Zhengzhou),the 895th in total,fully loaded with 1,642t goods departed from Putian Railway Station,Zhengzhou for Hamburg,Germany thousands of miles away.From this month on,the China-Europe Freight Train(Zhengzhou)will be upgraded to the normal operation of“eight departures and seven arrivals”every week.

  On November 1,director of the State Council's Inter-Ministerial Joint Meeting Office for the Work of Pilot Free Trade Zones and vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce,Wang Shouwen came to Henan for an inspection of and an investigation into the work of building the free trade zone,praising the contribution the China-Europe Freight Train(Zhengzhou)had made to the building of Henan Free Trade Zone.

  Today,we publish in full the text originally released on the Henan Daily,and make some discussions of the significance of the operation of China-Europe Freight Trains.

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  Author:Wang Yanhui,a reporter of the Henan Daily

  As an important carrier and platform for Henan’s integration into the building of“the Belt and Road”,the China-Europe Freight Train(Zhengzhou)has been more and more in number and faster and faster in speed since their operation 4 years ago,having become the“Gold Trains”for China-Europe land-borne trade.

  According to statistics,the China-Europe Freight Train ran 13 times in 2013,87 times in 2014,156 times in 2015,and 251 times in 2016.Since the beginning of 2017,the train has its runs increased in succession because of an ample supply of goods,having realized the normal operation of“eight departures and seven arrivals”every week.In the first 10 months of this year,the trains ran 387 times in total(204 departures and 183 arrivals),the value of the goods reaching US$2.11 billion and the weight of the goods 223,900 tons.

  Statistics show that among all the freight trains between China and Europe,the China-Europe Freight Train(Zhengzhou)comes to the fore in terms of the frequency,departure-arrival balance,value of goods,weight of goods,and full-load ratio,having been the only train realizing high-frequency fully-laden and balanced round trips and the only train achieving“multi-port,multi-line,and multi-destination”runs.

  The report delivered at the 19th CPC National Congress stated that the government would focus on the building of“the Belt and Road”,place equal emphasis on“binging in”and“going out”,follow the principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration,strengthen opening-up and cooperation of innovation capability,and form an open pattern of coordination between land and sea and between inside and outside,and of mutual assistance between the east and west.“We should increase the runs and deepen the integration of transport and trade.We should indeed build Zhengzhou International Land Port to be a logistics channel hub communicating China with foreign countries and radiating the East,Middle and West Zones in China,making a greater contribution to the construction of the Silk Road economic belt,”said Yang Wenjun,deputy general manager of Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co.,Ltd.

  Link:Significance of Starting“China-Europe Freight Trains”

  Since“The Belt and Road”was proposed,dozens of countries and hundreds of international organizations along the China-Europe route have participated in the initiative,a batch of key infrastructure projects,including railways and ports,having been carried out in many countries.

  From 2014 to 2016,the total trade between China and the countries along the route exceeded US$3 trillion,while the important tool carrying the goods of such value was China-Europe Freight Trains.China-Europe Freight Trains are trains for international railroad through transport of containers between China and the countries along the“the Belt and Road”.From 2011 when they were started to this August,China-Europe Freight Trains exceeded 5,200 in number.

  The start of China-Europe Freight Trains not only makes China’s local governments the largest action subjects of importing European goods,but also helps governments make use of their own industrial policies to foster markets.In this sense,the value goes far beyond the measure by economic methodology.China-Europe Freight Trains are working in coordination with“The Belt and Road”to reinvigorate Europe.

  To this year,the number of bidirectional running trains has exceeded 5,200.Take Zhengzhou for example.By this October,there had been more than 880 China-Europe freight trains departing from and arriving at Zhengzhou.At present,Zhengzhou has set up offices in major cities along the route,whose primary tasks include collection of return cargos,apart from transport of outbound cargoes and searches for ports.

  China-Europe Freight Trains stem from the earliest“Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe trains”-which carried out trial runs in Chongqing early in late 2010 and were put into official service in 2011.At present,more than 50 cities across China have opened regular and irregular China-Europe trains.

  The“steel camel train”will not only take China’s inland areas to the forefront of opening up,but also bring about mutual benefit between Chinese markets and the regions along“the Belt and Road”.China-Europe Freight Trains have been a choice of more and more traders.The variety of goods conveyed by China-Europe Freight Trains is increasingly diverse,from IT products like smartphones,computers, the early days of their operation to clothing shoes and hats,automobiles and accessories,grains,wine,coffee beans,timber,furniture,chemicals,mechanical equipment,etc.nowadays.

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