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China (Henan) Free Trade Zone Work Office organizes the regular meetings of the area.

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  On September 29,China(Henan)Free Trade Zone Work Office(hereinafter referred to as the Work Office)organized a work meeting and listened to the work and operation reporting of the management committee of each area in half a year since the establishment,especially the progress and problems in the aspects of organization improvement,implementation of pilot tasks,strengthening the system integration,investment promotion and capital introduction and preparation of development plan.Jiao Jinmiao,the Director of the Work Office and Henan Provincial Commerce Department chaired the meeting and made comments on the work implemented in each area;he also pointed out the outstanding problems that exist in the work areas and made key work arrangements.Gao Zhangfa,Deputy Director of Henan Provincial Commerce Department,all the comrades of the Work Office,the leaders of the Work Office,Finance Office and Law office of the Henan Provincial Commerce Department and the comrades of the management committees of Zhengzhou Area,Kaifeng Area and Luoyang Area attended the meeting.

  Jiao Jinmiao pointed out that the areas shall fully understand the situation and solve the problems,improve the working accounts and accelerate the implementation of all tasks.The organization and system should be further improved;the recruitment and employees should be arranged well for the Free Trade Zone.In the aspect of implementing five projects,the provincial plan should be referred,to specify the measures and improve the responsibility and to strive to establish five special framework systems such as the government,regulation,finance,law and logistics.In the aspect of implementing the pilot tasks,the points should be highlighted and the strategic positioning should be adhered,to undertake 455 kinds of permissions in the economic management and accelerate the implementation of the pilot tasks.In the aspect of investment promotion and capital introduction,each area should develop the policies of investment promotion in view of the key industries and the investment plan,to introduce a batch of industrial projects with large investment and strong driving power.In the aspect of the development plan,the Work Office should consult international professional company and comply with both national and international provisions according to the strategic orientation and function layout of each area.

  Jiao Jinmiao stressed that the free trade zone is a national strategy and shoulder the responsibility of"Test system for the country and seek development for the region".Each area should further enhance the"Four consciousness"on the reform and innovation and should strictly implement the Measures for the Administration and various regulations of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone.And meanwhile,each area should further bear their respective responsibility,strengthen the coordination and highlight the priorities and vigorously implement the work,with tribute to the successful holding of 19th CPC National Congress.