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What are the arrangements for the construction of large-scale customs clearance in Henan Free Trade Zone?

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  After Henan Free Trade Experimental Zone was officially established and put into operation,Zhengzhou Customs,Henan Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau have set up a service window respectively in Zhengzhou Area,Kaifeng Area and Luoyang Area and rebuilt the customs process,which provide one-stop service for the foreign trade enterprises.At present,the license registered by import and export consignor and consignee in the Free Trade Zone can be issued on the day of application;the import animal and plant products quarantine approval can be achieved throughout the online paperless processing;the approval time is shortened to 5 working days;the clearance time for the import food is shortened by 80%.

  In order to improve the level of customs clearance in Henan Free Trade Zone,Henan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has issued 22 support initiatives in five aspects such as the decentralization,innovation on inspection&supervision,improvement of the level of trade facilitation,support on the construction of traffic logistics hub for“The Belt and Road”and the service for development of new-form industries.The General Administration of Customs has formulated and issued 25 support measures in 5 aspects such as a comprehensive copy and promotion of the experience in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone&serving the"Belt and Road",innovating the customs supervision system&promoting trade facilitation,implementing bonded management reform&promoting the development of processing trade innovation,supporting new trade development and promoting steady growth&structure adjustment,cultivating law-oriented business environment&maintaining fair trade.