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  Implementation Scope of Zhengzhou Area(planed area of 73.17 square kilometers)

  Zhengzhou Area focuses on the development of modern manufacturing,such as intelligent terminal,advanced equipment,automobile making and bio-pharmaceuticals,and modern services,such as modern logistics,international business,cross-border e-commerce,modern finance,service outsourcing,creative design,commerce exhibition and cartoon&game.Meanwhile,Zhengzhou Area will push forward system and mechanism reform to promote the coordinated development of transportation and logistics and make investment and trade here more convenient,build an international multimodal transport and logistics center,and play its role of modern comprehensive transportation hub serving“the Belt and Road”Initiative;

  Implementation Scope of Kaifeng Area(planed area of 19.94 square kilometers)

  Kaifeng Area gives priority to the development of service outsourcing,medical tourism,creative design,cultural media,cultural finance,artwork trading and modern logistics.Meanwhile,Kaifeng Area will deepen the international cooperation and trade in equipment manufacturing and agricultural and sideline products processing,build a platform for international cultural trade and tourism,and create a service&trade innovation area and a cultural opening pilot area to promote the integrated development of international culture and tourism.

 Implementation Scope of Luoyang Area(planed area of 26.66 square kilometers)

  Luoyang Area concentrates on the development of advanced manufacturing,such as equipment manufacturing,robots and new materials,and modern services,such as R&D and design,e-commerce,service outsourcing,international cultural tourism,cultural creativity,cultural trade and cultural presentation.Meanwhile,Luoyang Area will increase the abilities in transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing and in international capacity cooperation,build an international intelligent manufacturing demonstration area,and push forward the building of inheritance area of Huaxia(Chinese)Civilization.

  According to customs control methods,for the special customs control area within the Free Trade Zone,importance will be given to the trade facilitation with system innovation,including such business as bonded processing,logistics and services;for the nonspecial customs control area,importance will be given to the investment system reforming,including innovating the open and development system of inland area,perfecting control methods within and after the activities and actively developing advanced manufacturing and modern services.