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 Document Issued by General Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province


  Circular of General Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province on the Establishment of China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone Leading Group

To the governments of provincially administered cities,provincially-controlled counties and the departments of the People’s Government of Henan Province:

  To further promote the building of China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone,the People’s Government of Henan Province has made a decision to establish the leading group of China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone.The members of leading group are listed as follows:

  Group leader:Chen Run’er(Provincial Governor)

  Deputy group leader:Wong Jieming(Executive Vice Governor)

  Shu Qing(Vice Governor)

  Members:Zeng Deya(Vice Secretary-General,Political Research Office Director and All-around Deepen-reform Leading Group Office Vice Director of the Provincial Party Committee)

  Wan Xu(Vice Secretary-General of the Provincial Government)

  Wang Yao(First Deputy Head of Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee)

  Tian Liwen(Executive Vice President of the Provincial People’s Court)

  Li Zimin(Deputy Procurator-General of the Provincial People’s Procuratorate)

  Liu Wei(Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission)

  Zhu Qingmeng(Director-General of the Provincial Education Department)

  Zhang Zhenyu(Director-General of the Provincial S&T Department)

  Wang Zhaoping(Director of the Provincial Industrial and Informationization Commission)

  Lv Hongyue(Executive Deputy Director-General of the Provincial Public Security Department)

  Zhang Yusheng(Deputy Director-General of the Provincial State Security Department)

  Bao Changyong(Director-general of the Provincial Civil Administration Department)

  Wang Wenhai(Director-general of the Provincial Justice Department)

  Lu Yu(Deputy Director-general of the Provincial Finance Department)

  Liu Shiwei(Director-general of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department)

  Zhu Changqing(Director-general of the Provincial Land Resources Department)

  Li Heping(Director-general of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department)

  Pei Zhiyang(Director-general of the Provincial Housing and Urban-rural Construction Department)

  Zhang Qiong(Director-general of the Provincial Transportation Department)

  Song Huzhen(Director-general of the Provincial Agricultural Department)

  Jiao Jinmiao(Director-general of the Provincial Commerce Department)

  Yang Liping(Director-general of the Provincial Cultural Department)

  Li Guangsheng(Director of the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission)

  Song Liping(Director of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province)

  Xue Yunwei(Director of Taiwan Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province)

  Chen Yisheng(Director of Commission Office for Public Sector Reform of the People’s Government of Henan Province)

  Zhi Meng(Director-General of the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau)

  Ma Linqing(Director-General of the Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau)

  Li Zhimin(Director-General of the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau)

  Zhu Xiayan(Director-General of the Provincial Press,Publication,Radio,Film and Television Bureau)

  Wang Shiyan(Director-General of the Provincial Statistics Bureau)

  Kou Wujiang(Director-General of the Provincial Tourism Bureau)

  Chen Hongyu(Director of the Legislative Affairs Office of Provincial Government)

  Xu Tingmin(Director-General of the Provincial Food and Drugs Supervision Bureau)

  Sun Xinlei(Director of the Finance Office of Provincial Government)

  He Yuan(Director-General of Zhengzhou Railway Administration)

  Sun Rongzhou(Director of Zhengzhou Railway Administration)

  Sun Yuning(Director-General of the Provincial Office,SAT)

  Li Zhongbang(Director-General of the Provincial Office,SAT)

  Ding Ping(Commissioner of Zhengzhou Customs)

  Song Ling’en(Director-General of the Provincial Communication Administration)

  Xu Nuojin(President of PBOC,Zhengzhou Central Branch and Director-General of the Provincial Administration of Foreign Exchange)

  Wang Zeping(Director-General of the Henan Provincial Banking Regulatory Bureau)

  Wang Guangyou(Director-General of the Henan Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau)

  Xing Wei(Deputy Director-General of the Henan Provincial Insurance Regulatory Bureau)

  Kang Shengzhen(Director of the Provincial Civil Aviation Office)

  Zheng Jinguang(Director of the Port Office of the Provincial Government)

  Liu Huaizhang(Director-General of the Provincial Intellectual Property Office)

  Chen Ailan(Director-General of the Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau)

  Zhang Chonggang(Director-General of the Provincial TCM Management Bureau)

  Yang Xianbo(President of the Provincial Airport Group Company)

  Zhu Jun(Deputy Commissioner of MOC Zhengzhou Commissioner Office)

  Cheng Zhiming(Zhengzhou City Mayor)

  Hou Hong(Kaifeng City Mayor)

  Liu Wankang(Luoyang City Mayor)

  Ma Jian(Director of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Management Committee)

  Zhao Jiancai,Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress,will act as the advisor for the leading group.

  The leading group office is located in the Provincial Department of Commerce,being responsibility for the routine work with Jiao Jinmiao as the office director.

  General Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province

  20 Feb.,2017

  Seal of General Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province

  General Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province Issued on 20 Feb.,2017